04 January 2017

2016 Television Consumption Review

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I also spent a good amount of time in 2016 crushing television. 867 episodes of 81 distinct shows to be precise. That's a lot. Next year's goal should be to hit the 1000 mark, obviously. I can't. I just CAN'T! Challenge accepted.

To start, here's a big list of which shows I watched, how many months I watched them, and how many total episodes:

Show    MonthsEpisodes
The Simpsons12222
South Park1146
BoJack Horseman534
New Girl929
Brooklyn Nine-Nine823
Saturday Night Live822
The Flash822
Rick and Morty720
The Venture Bros619
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia518
30 Rock617
Adventure Time616
The Last Man on Earth716
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt316
Last Week Tonight815
One-Punch Man112
Drunk History411
American Horror Story: Roanoke310
Better Call Saul310
Scream Queens510
You're the Worst310
The Detour29
The Eric Andre Show39
Broad City38
Parks and Recreation48
Stranger Things18
Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee37
Justice League26
Justice League Unlimited36
Attack on Titan15
Chappelle's Show25
The Boondocks15
The Office25
Arrested Development14
Angie Tribeca13
Looney Tunes13
Luke Cage13
Mike Tyson Mysteries23
Robot Chicken13
Time Traveling Bong13
Childrens Hospital22
Legends of Tomorrow22
Rocko's Modern Life22
A Very Murray Christmas11
Another Period11
Black Mirror11
Bob's Burgers11
Cooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life11
Difficult People11
Jeff Ross Roasts Cops11
LEGO Batman: Be-Leagured11
Lip Sync Battle11
Lucas Bros. Moving Co.11
Master of None11
Megas XLR11
Stick Man11
The Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe11
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah11
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert11
The Night Manager11
The Press Box11
The Ren & Stimpy Show11
The Spoils Before Dying11
Will and Grace11
Wynonna Earp11

So obviously there's a certain show I have decent affinity for. About a quarter of my viewing time was spent on The Simpsons, which I got to every single month of the year. Seinfeld comes in at a fine second place, and certainly the Top Show that's No Longer in Production, which is filled mostly with children's cartoon programs.

Other notables are the clear binged shows. One Punch Man, Daredevil, and Stranger Things all crested the eight episode mark in a single month. Other shows I floated in and out, catching a few a week. There's a clear difference between binged streaming shows and the steady diet of broadcasted shows like Better Call Saul or American Horror Story: Roanoke.

To dig into The Simpsons a bit more, the worst month was February with only one sad little episode watched and the most was this past December with a monstrous 55 episodes. Just to be sure, I watched 220 films this year, which also means that on average I watched an episode of The Simpsons every 1 and 2/3 days. Considering that's barely a third of every episode The Simpsons have produced, that's not even a great stat!

How many episodes of The Simpsons did you watch this year?

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