29 June 2020

Summer Jam 2020 Week 8: Is this Really It?!

It's a seminal moment in every summer - the party's are amping up, June is rounding the corner and we're about to dive crotch-first into the Independence Day Week. This is one of the most important moments in our Summer and also our lives. We're about to crest the half-way point of this long, arduous Summer that shows no sign of ending. It's time for another wave of jams, though. Let's dive in!

Hot Jam of the Week: "Soulmate" by Lizzo

There were a lot of new jams this week, but the most notable is probably Lizzo, who teamed up with an animated Queer Eye team for a nice positive self-image video for us this summer. This isn't really that catchy or innovative of a Lizzo track and the Queer Eye inclusion isn't all that strong but it's fun. I don't think this hits the heights of Lizzo Summer 2019 but it could be fun for a bit.

"Roses" by SAINT jhN

This track pops up again, but just barely on our radar. It's still a fun, throbbing track that's actually been hovering quite a bit on the periphery of ubiquity this week. I like it, it's fine and actually still doing well enough to find a spot here. I heard it a bit this week. It's good. I really don't have much else to say at this point. Another first! Oh, Summer 2020.

"Rain on Me" by GaGa and Ariana

After a few weeks off, this blasts back on the Winner's List. Okay, I will admit this is starting to grow on me. The beginning has an "Edge of Glory" feel which is always spectacular and the collabo is tight. I'd like something more than the cookie cutter 80s pop revival beat, but it's fine for now. It's doing okay chart-wise and could actually hang around for a bit.

"Whats Poppin" by Jack Harlow ft. everyone

The beat is a little sparse for me and it seems like a cash grab collabo, but it actually feels very modern to me, which gets it points here. More importantly, it's burning up Spotify and seems to fit a lot of needs, which could mean it gains some traction as a notable summer jam. I could never listen to this again and be pretty happy, but it's always possible it gains speed. It probably will. I've never felt older, which is a good sign.

"Watermelon Sugar" by Harry Styles

This track has definitely been on and off the charts, and to be honest, it doesn't totally fit he prototype of what's popular right now. It feels way more like a 2013-kind of white boy crossover R&M. Having said all that it's more amazing that it's still doing well. It's a great summer song, after all. I could go for some watermelon.

"Party Girl" by StaySolidRocky

Alright, this track has been here and there for a while now, and I still think it pretty much sucks, but it's been a pretty empty week. We're definitely leaning more streaming than radio this week. It should be no real surprise that these tracks aren't that Top 40 friendly. It's almost as if most of the country is blindingly racist. Weird. Weird thoughts. The flow is a little slow and slurry here for my taste, but it's good enough to acknowledge as a something this summer.

"Blinding Lights" by The Weeknd

I don't even know how this got the #2 position. I was just kind of looking through everything and this feel on my lap. I heard it maybe once, but it's got a good combo of radio, streaming, Billboard, and me liking it right now. It's very solidified right now as an early contender, but still has a half of summer to get through. That hasn't always been kind to these early leaders. We'll see!

"Rockstar" by DaBaby ft. Roddy Rich

After a lot of weeks being the presumptive number one in an otherwise vaccuum, "Rockstar" killed it this week. I was tempted to throw the remix down as the Hot Jam and possibly also throw it here as the #1 again. It's not too weird for a track to be on this list twice in one week, right? Dropping a new video this week seals it and it's doing fantastic by all our metrics, including liking it at this point. The BLM remix also feels of the moment in a time where not many other tracks are finding the voice to respond, despite a national community yearning for this kind of thoughtful catharsis.

Next week...

There were a handful of big releases this week that are pretty bad and will probably never see much action this summer. Katy Perry tried her hand at Gay Anthem "Daisies" which is so derivative that at one point "Swish Swish" literally starts playing instead. I just don't think the gay community needs Katy Perry as their spokesperson. Also, this is totally a quarantine video, but not very well done. Doja Cat dropped "Like That" which seems really manufactured and not nearly the earworm of "Say So." Then there's the usual culprits. Also, for some reason, this is the #1 song in the country. It's not very good.

22 June 2020

Summer Jam 2020 Week 7: Third-way There Edition

Well folks we are getting deep into June, it's the 45th Anniversary of JAWS (1975) and the 40th Anniversary of The Blues Brothers (1980). All is right with the world. Things are starting to heat up - even the oceans are boiling! Or just increasing in acidity. We have an array of toasty sultry sexy summer jams for you to sink your earjaws into today!

Hot Jam of the Week: "Afterglow" by Taylor Swift ft. Ariana Grande

Ariana Grade seems to be showing up in a lot of songs that end up being total duds this summer. I think this is in line for more of that, but we'll see what happens. I like it a little better than that GaGa track. I think this summer is going to need something special to elevate above the normal status quo. Can pop catch up to world events in time and truly demonstrate the zeitgeist? We'll see. I do not think this is it.

"Supalonely" by BENEE ft. Gus Dapperton

This has definitely been hanging around for a little bit and we threw it back on this week. It's actually grown on me quite a lot and I dig it. I don't think it's totally getting its teeth into the mainstream jugular quite yet but it still has potential. For now it's a pretty pleasant track that I was happy to re-include this week.

"Kings & Queens" by Ava Max

I actually love this song. It's not really a chart factor but it was totally in my head this week. It's so wonderful and danceable! I love the quarantine spin. It's not really a factor in Summer Jam Coronation but I think it could continue to pop up here and there, especially as I continue to like it. That guitar! Hit that guitar, man!

"Roses (Imanbek Remix)" by SAINt JHN

As I've said before, I am extremely annoyed at typing out SAINt JHN. That capitalization is all over the place. I am, however, not sick of this track despite its incomprehensible lyrics. That beat is fire and has such an attitude to it. It again isn't tracking or charting well or anything. I suppose I just hate songs that are actually popular. That's always something I've considered secondary to devoting so much time and effort to a weekly Hot Jam Countdown.

"Blinding Lights" by The Weeknd

So, definitely dropped a little, but still hanging out, "Blinding Lights" is still really fun, even if it's time is pretty much over. I think. It's got those fresh but nostalgic synth vibes, bruh. I like it. It sounds like both vintage pop and vintage Weeknd while also new. Having said that, it just doesn't seem to be slaying any charts. I really don't get radio enough to stay up to date with new songs made by artists with numbers in their name.

"Break My Heart" by Dua Lipa

Not quite as strong this week, but still a good contender. I still enjoy this, but it's probably cresting already. For whatever reason Dua Lipa seems to struggle earning that final push to the top of Pop Diva Stardom. I think it's her inscrutably dead eyes and uninteresting beats. But that flow! I love this song. We'll see what happens with her.

"Rockstar" by DaBaby ft. Roddy Rich

This is again here by default - I live in an area that just doesn't play these jams unfortunately, but it's still slaughtering the charts. It's a good track. Is it THE jam of 2020? Maybe. What a weird year we have. DaBaby is a very modern artist and it feels like it's ahead right now. Without any other presumptive contender right now it might be leaning that way. We're a third of the way across this marathon with no real clear ubiquitous song. 2020 is fragmented and scary. This is a good track. You should totally click to listen to this track. Please click.

"Toosie Slide" by Drake

So, out of no where, Drake is back on top. I didn't hear any other song more this week and I was getting behind it, even singing along a bit. Drake broke my walls. Drake broke me. It's...fine. It's a fine song. It's doing okay chart-wise. I wouldn't call it dominating but it's still relevant enough to earn this position. This summer has turned over and over again upside-down so we'll see what happens next week...

Next week...

Oh, who knows. I haven't heard much from Doja Cat, she might be out. I might try a deep dive into the slew of hip hop tracks that are currently dominating pop music. That's very much a streaming-driven algorithm, and one that is a much better pulse of the country. That's unfortunately also one I have less access to on a regular basis. Hrmm - that's maybe the exact disconnect we have with this country's age gap in rewarding any music that's actually popular! Who knows anything anymore! We'll try to expand, because all these jams are stale af. Stay tuned!

18 June 2020

First Impressions: Bloodshot

Hell yeah I saw Bloodshot (2020). In the Age of COVID-19 the Drive-In movie theater is king! I haven't been to a drive-in in nearly 25 years. It's not that great, I sit in my car all the time. But it was fun to mix things up and find a way...to survive.

"Die, Robot Legs!"
 features Vin Diesel playing himself in a clear vanity project that also somehow exists as a strong contender for the perfect Vin Diesel vehicle. If you actually want to watch this thing, I suggest just watching it - the premise is actually pretty clever and the trailer completely gives away every card it has. It was very disappointing. In fact, stop reading this review and watch it, because otherwise it'll be super ruined for you. Or not, whatever, it's not like The Sixth Sense (1999) or something.

The movie opens with Vin Diesel in some anonymous war torn country, who fights his way to the big bad villain, who kills his boo and then Diesel himself. He wakes up as part of some scientific experiment, infused with nano-technology that can heal any wound instantly as well as giving him super strength and complete Internet access! Diesel sneaks out and seeks revenge, an unstoppable killing machine who decimates the villain and secures vengeance.

At this point we're like 40 minutes in, so more shit has to happen, right? Well, as it turns out, Diesel is totally being Memento'd by (ironically) Guy Pierce. Guy Pearce fabricates memories of the killing in Diesel's programmable corpse and then points him in the direction of whoever he wants killed. The movie actually plays with a lot of tropes this way. His girlfriend, at first seeming like an egregious example of a fridge girl is actually completely fine, has moved on, has a new husband and child, and hasn't actually seen Diesel in five years. His disobeying orders and striking out on his own is all a farce designed exactly as Guy Pearce wants it. All his rage and catharsis is artificial bullshit. It's actually kind of amazing.

You wonder if Diesel was aware of any of this. He eventually becomes sort of a side character in his own story. He's clearly a tool for every other character, a bull pointed in whatever direction they want to destroy. He ghosts is knocked out constantly. Is it some commentary on these unstoppable superheroes or action heroes who feel so justified in their righteous revenge? It's all a ploy. I'm not sure if the movie is that smart, because yes, there are quite a few problems with this, perhaps undercut the most because Diesel's performance and dedication to the "Hero's Journey" is incredibly sincere.

You didn't always get that with Diesel. Despite appearing like a mindless violent beefcake, I always liked when he slowed things down like showed how scared he is at the end of xXx (2003) or voicing The Iron Giant (1999). I think he's trying too hard to prove himself these days and trying desperately to show how tough he is after The Rock called him out for being soft. Anyway, even though this was the perfect movie to show some real growth, he bungles it by being the most insane headstrong unstoppable killer ever.

Part of that obviously works in the film's favor. Guy Pearce even comments constantly about how driven Diesel is, and how he just thinks he's in a video game. There is a lot of that. Diesel basically completes mission after mission and works his way up to the final boss. A lot of this is meta, but it is sincere enough to work, at least in some ironic sense. As you can tell, this movie actually really tripped me up. It's not obvious with its meta-commentary like The LEGO Movie (2014) or something, but there's a lot there. For a bit it tries to comment but also eat its own cake, and when it slides too much in that direction, it fails.

Now for all the crap that makes no sense. Upon thinking about the premise at all, why did Guy Pearce have to do any of this? He has the nano-technology to create an unstoppable killing machine. Why does he need to trick Vin Diesel into killing all these people? Why doesn't he just hire someone and then make them to it? This idea is less crazy when you realize that he also has a team of three technologically advanced cyborg killers working for him that actually just do that.

One, in particular, is some guy with robot legs. Robot Legs hates Vin Diesel for absolutely no reason. He absolutely haaaaates Diesel. Who the hell knows why. The best I could guess is that they invest all this energy into making him a super-healing unstoppable killer, when he would probably just do it for free. Maybe it's the fact that one girl got a super breathing apparatus (by the way, I'm convinced this movie doesn't understand how lungs work), and another blind soldier got all these drone cameras to control. Robot Legs just got the ability to parkour. He doesn't actually have a purpose in this film outside of plot, and by that I mean within his own organization.

There's also not really a major world-ending plot or anything. Guy Pearce is just kind of a jerk. Diesel's arc boils down to getting revenge on someone who brainwashed him into thinking he needs to get revenge on that person's enemies. There's nothing actually heroic about anything. That presents another level of meta-irony, which again, Diesel seems to play with sincerity. It works when you're reading the movie as this basic parody of action films, but there really are too many slow motion, music swelling scenes of pure heroism to defend this stance.

So, Diesel is unstoppable, can heal from any injury, and hack into the top government satellites anywhere in the world, but he can overheat or something? It's never quite clear. His chest gets red and eyes get bloodshot (the only way this title makes sense I guess?), which means he's close to danger! But nothing really happens. He overclocks at one point and then just kind of wakes up in the next scene. It's not all that dramatic. Again, is this a commentary on bulletproof, deathproof action heroes? Or just bad writing? I've put way too much thought into Bloodshot over the past few weeks.

On that note, since the ostensible love interest gets all worried when he overclocks, we should talk about the girl in the movie, because it's really weird. Diesel has his wife (or girlfriend?) memories that drive all his revenge, but when that's undercut it seems like he's going to hook up with the Breathing Hole Girl. She has some implant on her chest that lets her breathe in poison gas or underwater. Maybe it's just how she's presented - as a total sex ball honeypot, but it seems like she's going to help Diesel heal from the pain of losing his girlfriend-wife. But that never happens, and they end platonically.

Not to seem like I'm beating a dead Charger, but AGAIN - is this on purpose? Subverting our expectations that the action hero hooks up with the sultry breath hole vixen? I don't know what's going on. It's maybe progressive, she has her own dynamic and agency and is only kidnapped once. It sort of skirts problematic treatment, but the movie seems reluctant that they hook up while presenting them as totally hot for each other.

Lastly we have the black friend, Lamorne Morris who does a pretty good job as the renegade hacker person who reboots the Diesel into serving justice. He inexplicably speaks in a thick English accent, which I could only think of Don Cheadle in Ocean's 11 (2001) as precedent? Like, why is this a thing? I just don't know what's going on this film.

In the end I actually dug Bloodshot a lot. It's certifiably dumb, but a pretty fun time that pokes holes in action tropes, purposeful or not. I think it was on purpose, but it's not witty enough to take advantage of them, and Diesel, to his credit, is so sincere in his performance that it simultaneously enforces and undercuts the core theme. Just watch this movie, it's pretty wild.

lamorne morris accent

16 June 2020

2020 Summer Jam Week 6: Mid-June Blues

We've gotten to a point where we're existing in an unending continuum, people! This was a fun week, though. Some parts of the country are starting to re-open. And we solved racism, so that's good! The virus really isn't slowing down, though, and we're all going to pay for our hubris one way or another. In the meantime, let's kick back with some sultry slavic summer jams!

Hot Jam of the Week: "Forgive Me" by Chloe X Halle

This was a big track that dropped this week and has such a punishing, throbbing beat. It's sick as hell. The vocals are kind of typical Pop / R&B but they fit well. It doesn't seem like it has a ton of traction right now but it's set up to do well if it catches on. I want to see more 90s style girl groups getting hits this summer.

"Sadder badder cooler" by Tove Lo

This dropped a few weeks ago and I meant to ramble about it. It's a female revenge fantasy by way of Tiny Toons and it doesn't quite work, but I actually dig the song. There is a lot of wacky brutal Disney evisceration going on and I'm not entirely sure if it's condoning or satirizing the violence. Again, the synths and lonely Tove Lo vocals elevate the jam.

"Rockstar" by DaBaby ft. Roddy Rich

I really didn't hear this track that much this week, but that might be more a product of me riding around and listening to radio in the middle of the country. #1 on Billboard and Spotify this week, though. It's an enchanting track and clearly doing pretty well. It's already a contender, but doesn't feel as significant as a runaway hit yet. We'll see what happens with it.

"Intentions" by Justin Bieber ft. Quavo

This has been around for a while but I just heard it quite a bit this week. It's been in the background and I generally like it, even if the wordplay is crazy basic and borderline awkward. It slides into that EDM beat that Bieber has found as a comforting home and while nothing stands out as a monumental pop achievement, it's good enough for us. Our lives. Oh what an existence!

"Say So" by Doja Cat

She's hanging around! I thought this might be fading, but she was still pretty strong this week. It's a sexy track and I've found that I'm far from sick of it. It's racking up some consistent points at this point and may be forming a nice early lead, especially with The Weeknd falling off this week. We'll see, it doesn't quite feel like a song that can dominate the season, but it's still a fun jam.

"Watermelon Sugar" by Harry Styles

Harry Styles gets back on the countdown! I didn't really like this song, but it came on this weekend and I found myself jamming out. Has it just broken down my defenses? It's actually a fantastic summer themed jam, and those usually work. Everything about it is pretty bonkers and it doesn't come across as a bop at first, but it does get under your skin. We'll see how it progresses.

"Sunday Best" by Surfaces

Okay, I didn't put this on a few weeks ago because it's so old, but it's crawling up the charts and getting a lot of airplay. Time to throw down! But it's so fun and positive. I had never seen the video before, these guys are douchebags, right? They seem like douchebags. But the song is good. That's what matters in this world. It's an earworm and doesn't really have a shot at the Crown, but it's good this week.

"Break My Heart" by Dua Lipa

Out of no where! This was the biggest song in my life this week, it totally found its way in my brain and I kept singing it to myself every day. It's doing okay chart-wise, but no one seems to like Dua Lipa. That might be because she's not all that great as a personality-fueled pop diva. The flow is so fun here, though. It's obviously a stab in the dark at Summer Queen relevance at this point, but who knows this summer.

Next week...

We've ignored "Toosie Slide" for a while now. I almost feel like this will continue and what once felt like a contender will count up to have nothing. "Stuck with You" by Ariana / Bieber was rattling around my brain and for the first time of course, we have no Weeknd this week. That's why it's the Week, baby! All these stars could shine again. Summer is just getting started!

08 June 2020

2020 Summer Jam Week 5: Not Much Better Edition

Well folks, I'm pleased to say that across this great nation of ours we have cured COVID-19, solved systemic racism, and brought 40 million people back to work. Now that all of our problems have gone away we can get back to what really matters - counting down those sleek, sexy summer jams!

Hold on a second, I'm just hearing terrible news...we apparently haven't done anything and the world is burning to the ground! Oh well, that was a fun couple of seconds. What can we do to beat the Summer Heat? The Bummertime Badness? Summer jams, of course:

Hot Jam of the Week: "No Glory in the West" by Orville Peck

This is like a modern Johnny Cash and it's pretty spectacular. There's a sincere Western mourning in his voice and while it's rare that this column highlights Country tracks, this elevates above a lot of the drawl while staying authentic. Apparently this bro is gay, too, which is great. We haven't mined the gay cowboy well since Heath and Jake, but this track works really well. We'll see if it catches on.

"a few words for the firing squad" by Run the Jewels

RTJ dropped what seems like Run the Jewel 4 this week and it's all pretty good. I actually didn't enjoy 3 that much but 2 is one of my all-time favorites. There is a lot to like here and "Ooh La La" may be the best positioned single, while "never look back" might b my favorite. Anyway, in the age of police nonsense, this felt the best to highlight.

"RITMO" by Black Eyed Peas ft. J Balvin

I probably shouldn't be mentioning this any more. It's efinitely not popular and exists as the last bastion of a radio gasping for relevancy. But I heard it a bunch this week and still atually like it! It's a total non-starter anywhere else. But hot summer jam baby! Nah, it's probably just taking up valuable points from The Weeknd.

"Break My Heart" by Dua Lipa

"Don't Start Now" is still very much a thing, but this is gaining some traction as a proper summer jam. The flow is addictive as hell, even if Dua's beats seem like the most typical EDM ever. Whatever, that's pretty much pop in 2020. It's still catchy and has that nice fed up girl feel from "New Rules." It works.

"Say So" by Doja Cat

This is just past its crest, but I caught it again this week and was reminded that it's a pretty fun, varied, wonderful track that has some life in it yet. I love 2020's commitment to funk. There might be a little too much competition for this to push back into relevancy, but it's still a tasty jam and a nice success for Doja Cat, finally!

"Roses" by SAINt JHN

This is another track that has came and went but I heard it on the radio this week and it's just a banger. I dig it a lot. I have no idea what any of the lyrics are but it's a hot jam. Some might even say it's the hero we need right now. Nah, it's probably dead. This whole list is as dead as the moral compass of our nation! Hey oh! Gettin' political up in here.

"ROCKSTAR" by DaBaby ft. Roddy Rich

This somehow fits our era, and with another strong performance on Spotify, it almost gets the top spot this week. It's sorrowful in its own way but also feels very modern and energetic. I'm not convinced DaBaby is the next great rap star, but he's having a moment right now for sure and this song is strangely soothing to me right now.

"Blinding Lights" by The Weeknd

Is it me or do we need another great meme song? I just yearn for "Old Town Road." That should come back. But this is still a bop and with no real competition unseating it, earns another nod this week. Doja Cat has the 70s but The Weeknd has the 80s, baby! It's got good vibes. I think society is too fragmented right now for it to be unchallengingly ubiquitous, but it might be as close as we get. Is "Blinding Lights" the anthem of Black Lives Matter? That doesn't really track, we might be still searching this summer.

Next week...

I narrowly left off Drake again, but I think "Toosie Slide" could still be something. I hardly heard any GaGa / Ariana but they could certainly come back as well. I almost felt like some Bieber as well. There is quite a bit of summer left and none of these tracks feels like dominant jams yet. STAY TUNED, LOYAL READERS! Stay tuned.

01 June 2020

2020 Summer Jam Week 4: World in Chaos Edition

Hey Folks - is your city burning to the ground right now? Well, it's time to melt those summertime blues with some tasty choice summer jams! In all seriousness the country feels like it's in shambles. We are fully boiled over and sick of unemployment, quarantine, and a virus that we can't fight, so we fight each other. The unfortunate truth is that when we live in a country founded under false pretenses and genocide, we deal with a long scar that isn't easy to wash away. It's going to need a lot of empathy, effort, and will from all of us to make this world better. Now, let's get spicy with some summer jams!

HOT JAM OF THE WEEK: "Together" by Sia

I just wanted to comment that somewhere down the line Maddie Ziegler got jacked and it's disturbing as hell. I'm also cynical enough to read her perma-smile as disingenuous, but that's more a me problem. The track is catchy, I have no idea what movie it's from, but Sia needs to try really hard to make a bad song and this is pretty decent.

"Roses" by SAINt JHN (Imanbek Remix)

I had this jam on the list a few weeks ago and it's still sort of popular but I was thumping to it last week. It's nice to remember it exists. Lyrics are obviously undecipherable, but who cares, that's far from the point of a track like this. I don't know how much life it has left, I think its time is clearly passed, but it's fun to remember again.

"ROCKSTAR" by DaBaby  ft. Roddy Ricch

Despite being clearly inferior to Nickelback's "Rock Star", the current #1 track on Spotify is actually a pretty cool song. It's got a nice mandolin running through it with a solid bass line. This could be a big track, it's simultaneously energetic and chill. I really haven't gotten on the DaBaby or Roddy Rich train, to be honest, a lot of modern hip-hop blurs together in my brain and it feels like the modern industry churns through artists like tissue paper. This is cool, though and I think could rise this summer.

"My Oh My" by Camila Cabello ft. DaBaby

This is well past its prime, but I actually just love it, and I heard it again this week and made a huge mental note to include it here. It's so sweeping and grandiose and distinctive. Just an all-around fun song that I could listen to over and over. It's sexy, too. As I said, I think its mostly done in terms of jamming this summer, but should still be a background thing.

"Watermelon Sugar" by Harry Styles

This is creeping up this week and could become a thing. Great summer song, watermelon, that's definitely a thing. Harry Styles is doing well right now, and although "Adore You" might be the better Billboard track right now, "Watermelon Sugar" is the hot jam. It's okay. It's not really a throbber jam. That probably depends on your sexual attraction to Harry. I feel like this song doesn't know what it wants to be. But it's hot, so here we are.

"The Box" by Roddy Ricch

Another Roddy Rich this week - I have definitely heard this jam quite a bit and it's doing well enough on Spotify to warrant a pretty significant spot here. I am typically late to the party. This is a great party jam, though so call me fashionable! There's nothing crazy notable here lyrically or even really beat-wise. It's just all flow and alternating rapping and singing and the, uh, bedsprings? It comes together and works.

"Rain On Me" by Lady GaGa ft. Ariana Grande

I totally trashed this last week, and even though I'm a huge GaGa fan, I thought this track was garbage. It's managed to earn some popularity, though, and may have been the buzziest song of the week. The Ariana collabo is obvi a huge get and it satisfies plenty of pop requirements, generic beat, fluffy vocals, great timing for Summer domination. It's always alluded GaGa, for like ten years now. Could this be a thing?

"Blinding Lights" by the Weeknd

The Weeknd dominates again and offers the tastiest jam of the week. There seems like too strong competition to keep this up, but for now it's the best headbanger we got. It hasn't quite gotten old yet, which is a great sign. It may stick around not quite at the top of the heap, but this synth ballad isn't going anywhere soon.

Next Week...

We left off Dua Lipa and Drake this week for the first time, but there are still strong contenders that aren't quite six feet under yet. We also abandoned most of our quarantine songs. We are kind of opening up now...but this is far from over. It's weird to even listen to bops right now. It just feels like everything is falling apart. Stay strong, stay safe, and treat each other well, America.
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