02 January 2018

2017 Television Watching Review

Yesterday we sank our teeth into every single movie I watched in 2017, but that wasn't all I did. There's also a little thing called Television! Now, I actually gave up any form of TV service in July, but my numbers were surprisingly steady. You mean you don't need cable to watch TV?! Oh my!

You can of course go through everything month-by-month here. Come to think of it, I have no idea why you'd want to. I think next year I'm just going to keep a running tally of each show. I don't care how many months in a row I watched something (although I kind of want to keep track of my 29-month straight streak of watching at least one Simpsons episode).

Anyway, I totaled 786 episodes of 70 distinct shows. Last year I hit 867/81. So, that's kind of a bummer and I'd still like to get to the 1000 mark eventually, but then again - no cable for half the year, and I spent a lot of that time watching movies. Cranking out movies is a little bit more important to me for whatever reason right now.

TitleEpisodesMonths WatchedEpisodes / Month%
The Simpsons105128.813.4%
Arrested Development57414.37.3%
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia5177.36.5%
Marvel Avengers Assemble39313.05.0%
Adventure Time3866.34.8%
South Park37103.74.7%
Rick and Morty2993.23.7%
The Flash2382.92.9%
Brooklyn Nine-Nine2063.32.5%
Saturday Night Live1691.82.0%
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt1628.02.0%
The Last Man on Earth1562.51.9%
Justice League Unlimited15115.01.9%
Last Week Tonight14101.41.8%
BoJack Horseman13113.01.7%
One Punch Man12112.01.5%
Over the Garden Wall1125.51.4%
New Girl1042.51.3%
Better Call Saul1033.31.3%
The Detour1033.31.3%
Master of None1025.01.3%
The People vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story10110.01.3%
Man Seeking Woman933.01.1%
Stranger Things924.51.1%
The Punisher924.51.1%
Mike Tyson Mysteries832.71.0%
Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later818.01.0%
Typical Rick616.00.8%
Documentary Now!422.00.5%
Making History422.00.5%
Justice League414.00.5%
A Young Doctor's Notebook321.50.4%
Black Mirror321.50.4%
Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee321.50.4%
Ash vs. Evil Dead313.00.4%
Nathan for You313.00.4%
The Venture Bros221.00.3%
The Eric Andre Show212.00.3%
30 for 30: This Was the XFL111.00.1%
All Hail King Julien111.00.1%
Broad City111.00.1%
Chappelle's Show111.00.1%
Dave Chappelle: Age of Spin111.00.1%
Dave Chappelle: In the Heart of Texas111.00.1%
Jerry Before Seinfeld111.00.1%
Jimmy Kimmel Live!111.00.1%
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse111.00.1%
Moral Orel111.00.1%
Norm MacDonald: Hitler's Dog, Gossip, and Trickery111.00.1%
Parks and Recreation111.00.1%
Party Down111.00.1%
The Bachelor111.00.1%
The David S. Pumpkins Animated Halloween Special111.00.1%
The Problem with Apu111.00.1%
Tim and Eric's Bedtime Stories111.00.1%

None of this is too surprising. Netflix-streaming options dominated. I kind of like The Simpsons, although I hit 222 episodes last year, which is insane. That was really bolstered by having FXX, which would play like eight episodes a night four nights a week. That was it, just plop down and crank that out. This year, unbelievably was a lot of old DVD use. Yes, we're regressing.

And a lot of cartoons. So many damn cartoons. While The Simpsons was down, that allowed other shows to be a little more potent. No show last year other than the residents of Springfield cracked the 50-episode mark and only four were above thirty. This year we had seven. That order was mixed up a bit, with Arrested Development and Always Sunny coming in hot (they finished 41st and 13th last year respectively). That makes sense, though - I binge seasons based on a cycle. Simpsons and South Park tend to be consistent, but I'll crank out an old season every once in a while.

Keep an eye on 2018. What does your list look like?

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