04 January 2019

2018 TV Watching Retrospective

As I did an exhaustive analysis of my movie watching in 2018, which soared, my TV watching sorely declined. After nailing 867 episodes of 81 shows last year, all I could manage was 476 episodes of 54 shows. TV is declining for me, what can I say? Here's a graph!

ShowEpisodesPercentage of Total
The Good Place326.72%
Arrested Development316.51%
The Office285.88%
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia234.83%
The Simpsons234.83%
Saturday Night Live214.41%
The Venture Bros204.20%
BoJack Horseman204.20%
South Park183.78%
American Vandal173.57%
Ash vs. Evil Dead153.15%
Last Week Tonight142.94%
Broad City142.94%
Future Man132.73%
Brooklyn Nine-Nine122.52%
Rick and Morty122.52%
Mary Shelley's Frankenhole112.31%
Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee102.10%
The Fix102.10%
The Last Man on Earth91.89%
Marvel Avengers Assemble91.89%
The End of the Fucking World81.68%
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt81.68%
Adventure Time51.05%
Documentary Now!51.05%
Evil Genius40.84%
Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law40.84%
Big Mouth40.84%
Monty Python's Flying Circus30.63%
Mystery Science Theater 300030.63%
Black Mirror20.42%
Drunk History20.42%
Bob's Burgers20.42%
Dave Chappelle: Equanimity10.21%
The Detour10.21%
Dave Chappelle: The Bird Revelation10.21%
30 Rock10.21%
American Ninja Warrior10.21%
Korgoth of Barbaria10.21%
The Terror10.21%
Seth Rogen's Hilarity for Charity10.21%
Gurren Lagann10.21%
Family Guy10.21%
Rocko's Modern Life10.21%
A Young Doctor's Notebook10.21%
The Tigers of Scotland10.21%

The most serious show I watched was probably Evil Genius, followed by Tigers of Scotland. Seinfeld won, of course. My Simpsons was way down, after hitting 105 last year and 222 the year before that.

Arrested Development and Always Sunny remain pretty strong, but props to The Good Place for being a relatively recent, contemporary show and not something that peaked in the 90s! I was definitely off my game for most of the year, and not into a ton of new shows like I used to be. The Last Man on Earth was cancelled, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is coming back but not this fall, and I just can't do The Flash anymore. To be honest, I've been kind of sick of The Simpsons after they couldn't have handled their Apu controversy with less aplomb. I'm still super into everything...90s... but stopped regularly watching every week.

I mean, it wasn't that hard to because the show got terrible. STARTING WITH SEASON 28.

What did you watch this year?

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