13 July 2022

Summer Jam Halfway Check in! July Japes!

Yeah, our Summer Jam tracking has been in shambles this year. That's okay. It weirdly feels like the time to move on. There hasn't been a super dominant track to vibe too this season. Where is our "Despacito" or anything by Olivia Rodrigo? I heard "Good 4 u" on the radio the other day. Simpler times. Let's have at it.

Obvi. I like Yung Gravy a lot. I don't think that's problematic, but it really feels problematic. Maybe he is? I don't know. He spits smooth jazz. He's kind of a joke rapper but kind of a real rapper, I don't know. Funny name and spinning a rickroll. Did he ruin rickrolling? Well, who cares. This is fun.

My wife keeps singing this to me. It's on TikTok or something. I don't care that I'm old and lost. I mean heyyy this is the hot list, baby! All the cherriest summer jams and hottest trends! I don't think this even a thing anymore. Probably, since it just dropped on an old married couple's radar. It's fun, right? That's kind of a cool notion. Crap I know I'm not cool. That's okay. Summer Jams is a youngin's dream.

I love the big bangers that crash the two hottest names of the moment together. Megan and Dua both exploded last year and it's fun to see them come together with an appropriately mind-blowing track. This hasn't been as popular as I would have guessed considering it's solid and has some great pedigree, but it's still there. I wonder if we've moved past these kinds of super collabos and more into Kate Bush.

Yeah. Fuck yeah. Elvis (2022) baby! When I think Elvis I think Doja Cat. I don't know why this isn't an Elvis song, but I actually like it a lot. I have an alarm set to Bad Bitch Energy on Spotify and this always gets me awake and up in the morning. It's actually doing well as a song and as a movie, so here you go! Summer jam! Doja Cat, just stop thirsting over the Stranger Things kids.

This hasn't really dominated, but I keep hearing it, and it's that kind of song that I like more the more I hear it. The whole song just builds until you hit that flute solo. Lizzo made flutes cool, man, it's legit. This feels like a perennial third or fourth place song if we were doing the weekly countdowns, not totally ubiquitous, but big time production and staying power. I also want to comment on the rapping style that sounds like Jack Harlow or Bad Bunny, kind of this cascading, infectious sort of melody. I dig it, but curious if that's a trend now.

I don't dig this all that much, it's kind of an everywhere song that isn't really that momentous or distinctive. It's fine, I generally like StarFox himself but this doesn't jump out at me. Still, it's relatively popular and has made a name for itself by now. I guess I hear it often. I think I usually change the station.

From my understanding this is actually about his aunt, not titties, which is admittedly disappointing, but this song is still pretty popular. Bad Bunny is having a great summer with a ton of tracks of his album blasting all over Spotify. It's hard to tell what's even popular anymore, I don't know. Summer Jam is so broken. Bad Bunny's okay, I'm not super into this, but he deserves his place here.

Is THIS the song of summer? It's my song of summer. Latto had a great performance bringing in Mariah Carey at the BET Awards. If only the Zohan were alive to see this day. Is it heresy to say I actually don't dig the official music video that much? It just seems derivative. Like a early-2010s level stock Nicki Minaj rip. Just plasticy jumpsuits and fluffy clouds. This once showed personality, but now it shows industry plants. I don't want to say a bad word about Latto! This is my favorite song of summer! But I also think she's been industry molded a bit based on what has worked with other female black rappers, which is at her own expense.

Next month or whenever...

Beyonce has some stuff out, as does Drake, Post Malone, and Jack Harlow. Cardi B and Kanye just dropped! Maybe we'll get some traction. We're just so splintered, I've been saying this for years, but I'm really feeling it this summer. Maybe if I was keeping track every week I'd feel like someone had some momentum, but we do feel like we're in a weird zone now. Am I nuts or is this the summer that everyone breaks?

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