29 January 2010

The Post Addressing AVABAR beating God's Record for Pocket Cash

AVABAR. You fear that name. Recently AVABAR overtook The Dark Knight (2008) to be the second highest grossing film domestically, and is already beaten Titanic (1997) for the worldwide gross. Shit, James Cameron must be rolling in his grave. Oh wait, the fucking dude now has #1 and #2 worldwide. This is insane.

When I first saw AVABAR I thought it was a deeply emotional experience with really little to gain through the plot, characters, theme or message. Looking back on it a few weeks later however, I feel exactly the same way. Granted much of the cash has come from inflated IMAX and 3-D Goggle sales, but hell, so was Battle for Terra (2009). I've already blabbed a lot about this film in this entry, but let's continue here-

AVABAR is like the iPad. Touted as genius weeks before it arrived, no one really asked for it and when it got here it was pretty neat but not really the answer to all of life's problems. As well it should have been. AVABAR has already become King of the Globes, we'll see how its blue fuzz does against Oscar. At any rate, this thing WILL beat Titanic's domestic record. Easily. It will get an extended play once the Academy Award Nominees are announced and anyone left in the country who hasn't seen it WILL see it. I just hope Cameron gets his ass in gear with AVABAR 2: The Reckoning (2011) sooner than later. I'm really jonesin' for the Cat-People colonization and then forced Nature-worship of Mother Earth. Fucking balls.

You can check out its ridiculous stats over here.

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