27 January 2010

Some Changes 'Round Thar

Greetings loyal readers -- You may have noticed an absent number of posts around these parts lately, but never fret, more ludicrous ramblings are coming very shortly. In the meantime, I have a slightly different position I've been getting off the ground here. I am the new Pop Culture Examiner for a locally run website in my hometown, Rochester, NY. What you'll find there is about the same here, except smaller, more politically correct and credible.

My current plan is to divide time between Morning Wood and the Examiner. Hey, a boy's gotta eat, baby. This site should see much more elaborate, free-flowing posts that could not fit at the Examiner, while over there calls for more precision targeting with a localised focus. Check both, check one (or neither), whatever you will, the unfortunate side effect is a decrease in post volume (and effort) at your beloved Morning Wood.

And Ben Affleck is still a douche.

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