12 August 2019

Summer Jam 2019 Week 14: New Hits and Old Bruises

We have but a few weeks left and summer is going strong! All the contenders are digging in and there's been fun new winners each and every week! If this isn't edge of your seat thrillhouse entertainment, I don't know what is!

Hot Jam of the Week: "Hate Me" by Elle Goulding ft. Juice WRLD

This is a few weeks old, but I heard it a bunch and it's pretty catchy, so here we are! It's a little late for any Hot Jam of the Week to make a run at the whole shebang at this point, but this could be fun for a little while.

"123456" by Fitz and the Tantrums

This has been around for a few months but really started getting airplay this week. Rock songs always seem to have a big mainstream delay. It's fun but not really Summer Jam Throne material.

"Old Town Road" by K.K. Slider

I barely even understand this reference but this jam has invaded every facet of our lives. Its star is certainly diminished from its peak, but it's also setting Billboard records and for some reason generally not going away.

"Bad Guy" by Billie Eilish

Yes, "Bad Guy" outranks "Old Town Road" for once! This surged in pop culture relevance this week and ought to get some sort of Billboard Silver Medal. Oh what things could have been! It's a massive contender for a pretty high end-of-season ranking.

"Cash Shit" by Megan Thee Stallion ft. Da Baby

This was a big jam this week although I'm new to Megan Thee Stallion. It's great hearing more hardcore female rappers and her flow is pretty sick. They seem to come and go, though (not to mention anyone named "Baby") so, wishing luck to all careers involved here!

"Truth Hurts" by Lizzo

This jam is persisting, if not fading slightly. Recognition growing, funky rocking out glowing, everything amazes. It's become quite the staple here suddenly.

"You Need to Calm Down" by Taylor Swift

This is turning into a thing for sure by this point. It's not quite a Tay Sway summer megahit, but doing enough damage on the charts to be a legit contender at this point.

"Speechless" by Dan + Shay

I just heard this a lot this week. It's the kind of song really tied to August 12, 2019. Apparently it's also insanely old. I don't care. It's not all that good or anything, and we may not hear about it again but for now, it wins.

Next week...

I left off "Sucker," "The London," "Never Really Over," "I Don't Care," and "Senorita" this week. The last one was the toughest. All are still in the running. Three weeks left, folks!!

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