08 September 2020

Summer Jam 2020 THAT'S IT!

This is it, people. Going into this summer we knew there'd be delays and this last week is no different! Yay! Here we have the final candidates of this, our LAST SUMMER JAM of all-time. This was a pretty classic weekend of the hit parade and we're excited to close out a fantastic summer. Sure.

Hot Jam of the Week: "PAC-MAN" by Gorillaz ft. Schoolboy Q

We have been underrating the Gorillaz' output this summer, dropping a new song off their forthcoming album each week. Some were better than others - this is surely on the okay side (nothing beats "Desole") but in acknowledgment of this subtle background output for Summer 2020 - the 
Gorillaz takes us home!

Back from the dead! I listened to this a little bit this and got nostalgic for this middling summer hit. It has a stealth beat and is kind of fun. It's still not doing any crazy damage though, especially this late in the season. But showing up on Labour Day is always the sign of some legit hits. This did okay this week, we'll take it.

"Rockstar" had a hell of a summer, and isn't quite as shining the way it was, but I heard it this week and got excited, and that was enough. We're really not out of the BLM movement yet (by far) and this is as sure as a song of a the times as anything. It's reached sing-a-long status, and as we all join hands in merriment we can remember the hell of a summer we had.

Definitely still a player but not as dominant this week, "cardigan" remains a fantastic late summer hit. It is a little less prominent but at this point should have still made a significant dent amidst all the songs clambouring for a spot in the coveted Top 8 of Summer. We're excited to see where she lands when the chaos clears.

This track has eternally been on and off, falling back only to strike again, and while I still honestly don't like it all that much, it felt like a bigger track this week. It's such a Summer 2020 song but also not all that memorable or distinctive. Perfect pop, really. One more week, one more attempt at staking a legit claim.

With a late appearance that may very well push it over the edge into Summer Jam Stardom, "Blinding Lights" comes around for one more go and has officially reached "Moms know what it is" status. A powerful, powerful marker of success. This will do very well when all shakes out and its consistency is critical.

We really haven't gotten sick of this one yet. It's the opposite of "Intentions" - incredibly distinctive and a persistent earworm. It's a little sweet, a little sour, and makes me think of bringing coffee to a loved one in bed. She knows who she is. It's lovely. By this point it's racked up some points, so we'll see where it lands.

Megan was very close to getting double billing with "Savage" as well this week, which is a tremendous achievement. "WAP" has no rivals this week, it's so far ahead of anything else. Timing precludes it from really making a great claim for Summer Jam, but it could do great if we had an Autumn Jam. Nah, we would never do such a thing....

We are not. But this track is killer right now.

Next week...

We're done! Go home! Get into Autumn Jams and Fallgaritas, folks. We'll be busy the next few days having our Jam Accountants tally all the numbers and get back to you ... with .... the... SUMMER THRONE CLAIMED!!! Stay tuned!!

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