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Kate is your average cynical Western New York girl who gets sucked into an alternate version of our World when Leprechaun-Pirates led by a Magician attack her and kill her date in the Park. We've all been there. Join her and her friends in Upside-Down World, where nothing is quite right, in this tale of hilarious tragedy. When Kate finds a mysterious map that leads her to a handful of Ancient Relics left by the Gods, she starts getting everyone's attention in the worst way. Her meddling will change Upside-Down World forever, and with her growing obsession she's not going to let a thing like Hog People or Miami Dolphins fans get in her way.

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About the Author:

Charles Bryan wanders the Earth a rogue nomad, using his laser vision to repair drywall cracks for needy victims of raccoon attacks. The only reward he seeks for his positive contribution to society is mountains of cash. Such a humble life he leads in the pursuit of the ultimate truth and answers to life's biggest questions. Paypal or Venmo contributions are fine. His previous short story, A Christmas Bare-All: an Erotic Christmas Parody Fiction was also published by Howling Reindeer Press and is available for purchase along with the free audiobook available here.

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