06 September 2010

Summer Jam 2010: September 6 Winners

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it's been a wonderful adventurous ride this summer but here we are - the final week of Summer 2010. Tomorrow with the first day of school across the country we'll announce the official winners but for now we've got one more week of the Top 8 Songs to go through. There is a bit of a shake-up coming down to the wire here so enjoy this final week of Jams!

#8: "California Gurls" - Katy Perry ft. Snoop

Hard times for "California Gurls" this week, but it's not like it's in any real jeopardy at this point of losing a good run at the Crown. It still lingered around this point but has lost a large amount of relevancy. Perfectly fading out of the picture as the weather turns a bit cooler, this is a Sun Song and doesn't deserved to be played around Orange Leaves. Thus its phasing out around this time of the year is working as expected.

#7: "Just a Dream" - Nelly

This is actually a pretty tight song that could be a popular Fall Jam, clearly breaking a bit too late to be a real Summer Jam. It's got a great flow, Nelly has this ability to be pretty legit when he wants to be and doesn't let up here. The hook maybe a bit whack, but for a slower, moodier Hip-Hop track this one delivers some cherry rhymes.

#6: "Just the Way You Are" - Bruno Mars

This has been around for a few weeks now and really for lack of competition is able to jump on the List this week. After singing some hooks to some of the biggest songs this summer Bruno finally gets a chance to showcase what he can do solo. It's not that great really, but popular enough to peak in there this week. Like Nelly though, not really any chance at all of being named King of Summer. That'd sure be outrageous.

#5: Like a G6" - Far East Movement ft. Cataracs & Dev

Alright, this song isn't doing that well on the charts but I heard it a ton this week and there's a ton I want to ramble about it. Kind of like "Whatcha Say" by Jason Derulo last year, it takes phrasing from a much better song as the chorus, which naturally becomes its best part (Derulo of course sampled a line from Imogen Heap's "Hide and Seek"). "Like a G6" in a similar vein borrows from Dev's "Booty Bounce," which is in itself a video just interesting enough to grab my attention. There's a lot of ironic humour in this white hipster rapping chick's track which is pretty cool. It also seems to be one of the first uncensored vids on VEVO, which is also cool.

Anyway, "Like a G6" is ridiculous. It's full of all these Hipster Asians most famous for putting a track on The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006). It's already a weird mix of cultures which continues with "G6."

The vid is slick, and while the Asian Rapping Contributions may be a bit lacking, Dev is solid and the beat is righteous. Actually it reminds me a lot of the theme to Buck Bumble (1998). Yeah, that's the only Buck Bumble reference you're going to read in this internet. The terminology on display is real goofy, apparently "slizzard" has been around for a while but I've never heard it before. I'm also glad I know what a G6 is from watching Tropic Thunder (2008). It's a pretty true track though and if it had come on a few weeks earlier it may have had a better chance to make a dent in the action this summer, although it really may be just too electro-out there to last too much longer.

#4: "DJ Got Us Falling in Love" - Usher ft. Pitbull

This song is gaining popularity this week and has got a nice little run here at Summer's End. Almost a contender for Top 3 this week, Ursh comes through although not nearly as much so as "OMG." Still though, in time this could be equally as popular but it won't be pegging a Summer Crown from one week here.

#3: "Love The Way You Lie" - Em ft. Rihanna

Big slip up this week for Em but he's losing a bit of steam finally. It's not like he's a total dud though, this track was played enough this week to snab the Three Spot. Some of this other tracks on Recovery deserve some recognition, "Untitled" especially. There's a lot of substance in this shit, which is really Em at his best. Anyway, after a pretty incredible run at the top these couple weeks he's started to fade along with the chilly weather. Maybe he can still try out for some new Human Torch role.

#2: "Teenage Dream" - Katy Perry

Finally flip-flopping her hits this week, Katy's managed a pretty good second hit this week. She actually surpassed Eminem on Digital Songs, iLike and the Billboard Top 200 Album list. Impressive enough to dethrone Marshall for the last week of Summer. Katy's got momentum out her ass right now, she should be rolling easy the next couple months.

#1: "Dynamite" - Taio Cruz

This song was everywhere this week, blasting on the radio, out of everyone's mouth and #1 on Pop and Dance Charts. You had better make space for Taio Cruz's hands, the lyrics are really dumb here but its catchy infiltration of Summer Brains is unparalleled. Conquering the final week of Summer is Cruz and his army of really hot girls.

So that's that, my friends. Nicki and Mike missed out this final week but all the big names are pretty secure. Tomorrow, for the Final Day of Summer in most parts of the country we'll showcase the Final King of Summer. Stay tuned for the Big Announcement (as if it's even debatable!).

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