19 November 2010

Trends: The Desexualisation of Male Genitalia of 2010

Alright, stay with me here, folks. Today we're going to talk a lot about Penises. You know, those dangly things in between a man's legs. It goes by many names - Lingam, Cock, Flesh-Rocket, Ham-Banana, these terms are cross cultural.  Now, I love my penis, it's an awesome tool to have, clearly not just for sexual purposes but for a variety of tasks around the house. From hammering nails to pressing hard to reach buttons in laser halls, the boner in particular is a very useful aid. In the past month, however I've noticed two distinct forms of media thoroughly desexualize the limp phallus.

Your Dick as a Plaything!

Jackass 3D (2010) demonstrated just a few of the many uses your penis has besides boning. This became Chris Pontius' signature schtick in the film, he was rarely in a clothed scene. The film demonstrates a complete desexualisation, though. The Penis isn't there to offend or instill any kind of sexual arousal. It's there to play around with. Bat some ping pong balls around. Play fireman.

One of the best things about being a guy is the ability to mark your territory anywhere. Bam Margera plays fireman all over this film with a Cock-Cam which allows the Penis to take up a majority of the frame. There's nothing sexual here though, just a man who a hose attached to the waist. We've got this limp swinging hose attached to our bodies, we should be using them for more fun. The stigma comes with sexual connotations but there's nothing remotely intimate or sexual going on here. It makes me curious about the level of offence here. Is there anything wrong with a butt-ass naked Pontius swinging his dick around? There are obvious homosexual interludes but when the enjoyment isn't remotely sexual is this still applicable? They're grown boys having fun who just discovered the full potential of their cocks. It's a beautiful thing.

"You'll rue the day...I ever took my pants off!"

After the new episode of Ugly Americans this week on Comedy Central I was inspired to write this post. Here we have another desexualisation of the Penis, but instead of a toy it can be a weapon. A blunt object used literally for the destruction of smaller animals.

Ugly AmericansNew Episodes Summer 2011
Death Spray
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One of the major uses of Dicks besides a tool is to kill animals. Whether large or small, typically full boners only we may use to fight off dangerous creatures. Officer Frank Grimes in this episode however, uses the momentum of a flaccid penis with a huge amount of hip action to get his point across. Indeed there is an entire underground fighting circuit of the "Manbirds" who battle with large fleshy cock-like dangling body parts.

The penis is a blunt instrument, thick enough to be tossed around and do some damage. This episode features penises heavily but without much mention (besides the above clip - I mean, this goes on for another 15 minutes without addressing the use of Literal Cocks in Cockfights) and no sexual context. The Penis truly is a tool and its use as weapon and plaything proves for immediate comic effect but also a unique removal of context.

Dicks featured prominently without a use for reproduction, self-satisfaction or waste disposal is a bold move. It's bold because it pushes the lines of good taste, blurs concepts of sexuality and enables a freer concept of the human body.

No homo.

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