30 November 2010

Your What the Fuck Moment of the Week: Whipping Hair Back and Forth

I've never put up a "What the Fuck Moment of the Week," nor do I actively intend to make this a weekly thing, but today deserves it. Apparently tho this has been out for a few weeks and I've heard it on the radio before, tonight was the first time I really clued into this song and the artist and conception behind it, all of which are insane and deserve rambling. First a listen to what I'm talking about:

Yep. Now, listening to this on the radio I pictured some young black female artist creating a pretty earnest, fun track about loving her hair and throwing it around in fun. There's nothing really wrong with that. I do that all the time. It's awesome. I don't use six different forms of conditioner for lack of reason.

So I put some research into this song so I could play it at loud volumes while whipping my hair back and forth in my leisure time. Surely to my surprise I find that this is the Daughter of Agent J himself, Willow Smith. The little girl who wanted daddy to take care of her puppy in I Am Legend (2007). That little cunt...Anyway, this chick sounds like she's got the pipes of a twenty-year old but just turned ten. It's crazy. Listen to this kid belt out the tune, some of it is auto-tuned but her kid range is ridiculously developed. Regardless of how insanely stupid this song is, she's got some talent.

Now, this is so incredibly dumb. It's insanely dumb. It's so dumb a ten-year old could do it. Shit. It's enormously repetitive, irritating...and catchy! I can't get over how this kid has latched on to such a party track, though and sings beyond her years. This song will be a huge hit, it's far too ridiculous not to be - it's fun, danceable, singable and friendly to just about anyone who comes within earshot.

It's also Will Smith's daughter. What a year for these kids, the other brat has Karate Kid (2010) in the can and now this bitch is about to rock the charts with her insane ridiculous song. Check out how sassy she is. Wow, whip that hair. Is every member of this family making a million dollars this year? (Wait, did Will actually even have a movie out?) This is out of control. This video is insane. Kid dancing / whipping hair, no Devo within recognizable site, what an adventure.

At least it's already getting some good parodies. By the way, what happens next is a rare incredible moment from Jimmy Fallon:

Haha, great booing at the close of this performance. So there you go. Willow Smith, insane trashy, catchy, dumb, dancey, irritating lovely track for your ears out there. Go whip some hair.

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