01 June 2020

2020 Summer Jam Week 4: World in Chaos Edition

Hey Folks - is your city burning to the ground right now? Well, it's time to melt those summertime blues with some tasty choice summer jams! In all seriousness the country feels like it's in shambles. We are fully boiled over and sick of unemployment, quarantine, and a virus that we can't fight, so we fight each other. The unfortunate truth is that when we live in a country founded under false pretenses and genocide, we deal with a long scar that isn't easy to wash away. It's going to need a lot of empathy, effort, and will from all of us to make this world better. Now, let's get spicy with some summer jams!

HOT JAM OF THE WEEK: "Together" by Sia

I just wanted to comment that somewhere down the line Maddie Ziegler got jacked and it's disturbing as hell. I'm also cynical enough to read her perma-smile as disingenuous, but that's more a me problem. The track is catchy, I have no idea what movie it's from, but Sia needs to try really hard to make a bad song and this is pretty decent.

"Roses" by SAINt JHN (Imanbek Remix)

I had this jam on the list a few weeks ago and it's still sort of popular but I was thumping to it last week. It's nice to remember it exists. Lyrics are obviously undecipherable, but who cares, that's far from the point of a track like this. I don't know how much life it has left, I think its time is clearly passed, but it's fun to remember again.

"ROCKSTAR" by DaBaby  ft. Roddy Ricch

Despite being clearly inferior to Nickelback's "Rock Star", the current #1 track on Spotify is actually a pretty cool song. It's got a nice mandolin running through it with a solid bass line. This could be a big track, it's simultaneously energetic and chill. I really haven't gotten on the DaBaby or Roddy Rich train, to be honest, a lot of modern hip-hop blurs together in my brain and it feels like the modern industry churns through artists like tissue paper. This is cool, though and I think could rise this summer.

"My Oh My" by Camila Cabello ft. DaBaby

This is well past its prime, but I actually just love it, and I heard it again this week and made a huge mental note to include it here. It's so sweeping and grandiose and distinctive. Just an all-around fun song that I could listen to over and over. It's sexy, too. As I said, I think its mostly done in terms of jamming this summer, but should still be a background thing.

"Watermelon Sugar" by Harry Styles

This is creeping up this week and could become a thing. Great summer song, watermelon, that's definitely a thing. Harry Styles is doing well right now, and although "Adore You" might be the better Billboard track right now, "Watermelon Sugar" is the hot jam. It's okay. It's not really a throbber jam. That probably depends on your sexual attraction to Harry. I feel like this song doesn't know what it wants to be. But it's hot, so here we are.

"The Box" by Roddy Ricch

Another Roddy Rich this week - I have definitely heard this jam quite a bit and it's doing well enough on Spotify to warrant a pretty significant spot here. I am typically late to the party. This is a great party jam, though so call me fashionable! There's nothing crazy notable here lyrically or even really beat-wise. It's just all flow and alternating rapping and singing and the, uh, bedsprings? It comes together and works.

"Rain On Me" by Lady GaGa ft. Ariana Grande

I totally trashed this last week, and even though I'm a huge GaGa fan, I thought this track was garbage. It's managed to earn some popularity, though, and may have been the buzziest song of the week. The Ariana collabo is obvi a huge get and it satisfies plenty of pop requirements, generic beat, fluffy vocals, great timing for Summer domination. It's always alluded GaGa, for like ten years now. Could this be a thing?

"Blinding Lights" by the Weeknd

The Weeknd dominates again and offers the tastiest jam of the week. There seems like too strong competition to keep this up, but for now it's the best headbanger we got. It hasn't quite gotten old yet, which is a great sign. It may stick around not quite at the top of the heap, but this synth ballad isn't going anywhere soon.

Next Week...

We left off Dua Lipa and Drake this week for the first time, but there are still strong contenders that aren't quite six feet under yet. We also abandoned most of our quarantine songs. We are kind of opening up now...but this is far from over. It's weird to even listen to bops right now. It just feels like everything is falling apart. Stay strong, stay safe, and treat each other well, America.

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