28 May 2021

Summer Jam 2021 Week 2: The Same!

Well folks, here we are in Week 2 of Summer 2021. Summer of Freedom? Summer of Kale and Fitness? Summer of Basic Human Interaction? It's all good. We don't have many earth-shattering shake-ups this week, most hot tracks are the same as the week prior. Let's tear this mother up.

"Astronaut in the Ocean" by Masked Wolf

I got a little Tyler the Creator vibes with this, not necessarily because of the vocals, a little bit because of the beat, but because this sounded like hip-hop with an edge that I hadn't heard before. Now, don't jump on me, I know it's not THAT ground-breakingly original, but it's still a cool song that I can get behind. Hip-hop weirdly doesn't really have a great history of summer jams, but that's also because we typically base this crap so much on radio play. All that cultural stuff is changing, so we'll see what happens with this!

I didn't hear this as much this week, but it's still a fun, sexy track with the flow that Doja is really honing in on these days. She's come a long way since "Mooo!" but I maybe still actually like "Go to Town" better. Still, her flow and rhyming is really satisfying here, even if it's not super intellectual or political. It's just...nice.

Heh, I like this song. It's got a really coherently thematic beat and a sly feminist attitude that's pretty fun. I can get behind it. I heard this like once this week but it really stuck with me in a way that a lot of early summer breakouts can do. I hope it lasts, we need more wacky songs that are actually important songs like this.

That's right, we're going straight Spotify links! It's a new age. Anyway, I like this, it's got a thumper to it that keeps it rolling and it's primed well to have some strong summer legs. It's tough to choose between this, "Deja Vu," and frankly, "Driver's License," which is still a thing. But this is definitely the most spirited, and what has been hottest this week.

Hey, it's almost the middle of June! This song is old and I've heard it a ton, but that includes this week. It's another insidious track that does great brain creep. It sounds like every song you've ever heard, but also somehow distinctive. Pumped for the late nights in the middle of June when this becomes the most relevant song ever. It's like November Rain, baby.

This is proving to be a pretty big song. It definitely got all in my head this week and earns its title spot. It's catchy as hell. Bieber already got a summer jam crown years ago with "Despacito," although this is definitively more his song, even though it is also a collabo. We are so damn early, but it already feels like a fun summer song that could stay around a while.

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