07 June 2021

Summer Jam Week 3: Late in Early June

Yeah, we'll get on some kind of schedule around here. We have a nice mix of songs this week, some are already putting together strong campaigns, others are coming and going like these tasty jams often do. Remember June 2020 for a second? Oof. I'm sure glad racism is over!

"Love Again" by Dua Lipa

So totally one of the worst songs on Future Nostalgia. Mostly because it does this trend of patently ripping off the riff of a much better song, in this case "My Woman" by Al Bowlly via Bing Crosby, which is more known as "Your Woman" by White Town. So this obviously doesn't hold much ground because the version I like is in fact also a sample of a sample. Anyway, it's a weaker entry than some of her other hits over the past 18 months. Dua Lipa is still earning her way to Diva stardom, though. Does anyone else think she's an industry plant? More on that as we go this summer.

This song is crazy slow and I really don't like it that much. "Lost Cause" is on the Spotify Top 50 list, but this is on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Yeah, at #60. It just stuck in my head this week because it was pretty bad and I don't like it. Hey, these aren't always great moments, it's just what's hot, baby!

The modern hit charts are bizarre, Olivia Rodrigo has seven out of the Top 20 spots. I think it's Spotify's way of streaming entire albums. This track has risen to the top over the last few weeks and pushed a little bit by radio play. It's a good song.

I didn't really get into his SNL performance, which was the gayest event of all time. It's still hanging around, although I feel like it won't have the legs to last the entire summer. Still, it deserves some acknowledgment here because it's a big hit. Lil Nas X is trying really hard to not be a one-hit wonder.

Mid-nights of June! Almost. This is still legitimately popular. Right? Sure. I like it. Kind of. It's not that great, I really just want to exploit those lyrics that I'm sure no one else really clues into.

This ducked out a bit, but then found its way back into our hearts. It's not nearly as strong as it seemed when Summer debuted, but it's definitely still a contender. It's fun, sexy, and silly while being a seductive summer swing! Hoorah!

I'm still digging this quite a bit. I don't feel like any hip hop artists last any more. What was the last Desiigner song you heard? Or even like, Migos? Masked Wolf is cool, although I do struggle to distinguish him from a DaBaby or Roddy Ricch. But I dig this song and got pumped when I heard it this week.

This has been sort of a default song but up there for me. Or maybe it's not, I don't know. It's definitely achieved primo background status and is great for rolling, chillin, vibin, or jammin. That is a true Summer Jam in the making and it's become pretty radio-friendly despite some un-family friendly lyrics.

Also, is "Butter" by BTS going to be a thing? #1 on Billboard but I have literally never heard this song before. So, look out for that one!

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