2016 March Badassness - S-Mart Region Round 2

It's time again for that age old tradition of March Badassness! Last year came down to a duel between Harrison Ford characters Indiana Jones and Han Solo, with Solo emerging victorious, settling that age old question once and for all forever. We have 64 New Combatants to vote on each week! Vote for your favourites as many times as you'd like!

Round of 32:

S-Mart Region:

Who would win between...

(1) Tony Jaa
(9) Ash Williams
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The greatest current martial artist against a smartass with a chainsaw hand

Tony Strengths: Kicking everyone's ass ever
Tony Weaknesses: Except Paul Walker
Ash Strengths: Oldsmobile, proficient in Deadite slayings
Ash Weaknesses: Still works in housewares

Who would win between...

(5) Boba Fett
(4) Mad Max
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Two silent loners go at in a very sexual way.

Fett Strengths: Tracking garbage, flamethrowers, rockets
Fett Weaknesses: Let's be honest, the visibility in that helmet must be terrible. Worse at fighting Jedis than his dad.
Max Strengths; Eating lizards, getting revenge, driving fast
Max Weaknesses: That part with the plane crash kids in Thunderdome

Who would win between...

(6) Iron Giant
(3) Van Damme
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A giant robot vs. JCVD...

Iron Giant Strengths: It's a giant fucking robot.
Iron Giant Weaknesses: Linguistics
JCVD Strengths: He's not afraid of giant fucking robots
JCVD Weaknesses: Deodorant

Who would win between...

(10) Shaft
(2) Wonder Woman
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Blaxsploitation vs. the ultimate S&M Fantasy

Shaft Strengths: He's a mad motherfucker
Shaft Weaknesses: Turkeys talking jive
Wonder Woman Strengths: Goddess warrior power
Wonder Woman Weaknesses: Only her wrists are bulletproof

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