2016 March Badassness - Lavender Town Region Round 2

It's time again for that age old tradition of March Badassness! Last year came down to a duel between Harrison Ford characters Indiana Jones and Han Solo, with Solo emerging victorious, settling that age old question once and for all forever. We have 64 New Combatants to vote on each week! Vote for your favourites as many times as you'd like!

Round of 32:

Lavender Town Region:

Who would win between...

(1) Hulk
(8) Hellboy


Teeth-gritting monochrome madness!

Hulk Strengths: Strongest there is
Hulk Weaknesses: Non-stretching pants
Hellboy Strengths: Right Hand of Doom
Hellboy Weaknesses: Tecate

Who would win between...

(5) Dr. Manhattan
(13) Sarah Connor
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Sarah Connor rolls in after beating Kurt Russell...nuff said.

Doc Strengths: Energy projection, size manipulation, can easily make duplicates for use in threesomes
Doc Weaknesses: Drafts
Sarah Strengths: Guns, sunglasses, the whole deal
Sarah Weaknesses: Doesn't trust Siri

Who would win between...

(6) Pikachu
(3) Mr. T
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Saying it here - this is the best match of the tournament.

Pikachu Strengths: Base stat total raised to 320 in Gen VI, Speed 90, Attack 55
Pikachu Weaknesses: Why not just let it evolve into Raichu
Mr. T Strengths: Ranger training, van driving
Mr. T Weaknesses; Conditioning, precise shaving needs

Who would win between...

(10) Link
(15) Kick-Ass
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Green heroes finding themselves!

Link Strengths: Hero Bow, Master Sword, Triforce of Courage
Link Weaknesses: Escaping from Re-Deads, refilling magic meter
Kick-Ass Strengths: Partially metal skeleton and pain tolerance
Kick-Ass Weaknesses: Easily tricked by Red Mist

Other Pods:

Detroit Region
S-Mart Region
Mega-City One Region

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