2016 March Badassness - Detroit Region Round 2

It's time again for that age old tradition of March Badassness! Last year came down to a duel between Harrison Ford characters Indiana Jones and Han Solo, with Solo emerging victorious, settling that age old question once and for all forever. We have 64 New Combatants to vote on each week! Vote for your favourites as many times as you'd like!

Round of 32:

Detroit Region:

Who would win between...

(1) Clint Eastwood
(9) Buffy
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Guy power vs. Girl power

Clint Strengths: Grumpiness, prison escapes, killing people
Clint Weaknesses: Changeling, J. Edgar
Buffy Strengths: She feels lucky
Buffy Weaknesses: Doesn't know when she's dead

Who would win between...

(12) Genghis Khan
(4) Powerpuff Girls
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Mongol warlord vs. Sparkly Superheroes

Khan Strengths: Eating yak real fast
Khan Weaknesses: Yak shits
Powerpuff Girls Strengths: Flight, superspeed, laser eyes
Powerpuff Girls Weaknesses: Enforced bedtime

Who would win between...

(6) Django Freeman
(14) Bigfoot
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Bigfoot unanimous upset over Robocop...vs. the Fastest Draw in the South

Django Strengths; The D is silent
Django Weaknesses: Takes a while to figure out fashion
Bigfoot Strengths: Friends with John Lithgow
Bigfoot Weaknesses: Easily tricked over beef jerky

Who would win between...

(7) Finn the Human
(15) Samurai Jack


Ultimate animated swordsman battle

Finn Strengths: Autotuned singing voice
Finn Weaknesses: Daddy issues
Jack Strengths: Magic evil-killing sword
Jack Weaknesses: Stuck in an unfamiliar time period

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