2016 March Badassness - Mega-City One Region Round 2

It's time again for that age old tradition of March Badassness! Last year came down to a duel between Harrison Ford characters Indiana Jones and Han Solo, with Solo emerging victorious, settling that age old question once and for all forever. We have 64 New Combatants to vote on each week! Vote for your favourites as many times as you'd like!

Round of 32:

Mega-City One Region:

Who would win between...

(1) Muhammad Ali
(9) Randy Savage
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The 1960 Gold Medal Winner vs. Bonesaw

Ali Strengths: Floats like a bumblebee, stings like a bee
Ali Weaknesses: Parkinson's
Macho Man Strengths: Insanity
Macho Man Weaknesses: Insanity

Who would win between...

(5) Beatrix Kiddo
(4) Wolverine


Quentin's foot fetish vs. the Animal Within!

The Bride Strengths: Swordplay, tracksuits, carrying jugs of water up stairs
The Bride Weaknesses: Long boring talks about Superman
Logan Strengths: Adamantium skeleton, The Wolverine
Logan Weaknesses: Berserker rage that kills his friends, X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Who would win between...

(6) Patrick Swayze
(14) Bane
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Swayze moves on while Russell falls...what world is this? Goes up against the man who broke the Bat!

Swayze Strengths: Throat-ripping
Swayze Weaknesses: Pottery classes
Bane Strengths: Venom, back-breaking
Bane Weaknesses: You know, he's beat every time by just ripping the Venom tubes out of his system. You'd think he'd cover them up or something. Literally every damn time.

Who would win between...

(7) The Tick
(2) Judge Dredd
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Irreverence vs. Reverence

The Tick Strengths: Nigh-invulnerable
The Tick Weaknesses: Vulnerable to having his heart broken
Dredd Strengths: Apparently, he is the law
Dredd Weaknesses: For all his history, that terrible Stallone line is what we recount the most.

Other Pods

Detroit Region
Lavender Town Region
S-Mart Region

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