March Badassness 2017 Sweet 16: Z-City Division

As the Real NCAA Tournament begins, NMW has finally made it to the SWEET SIXTEEN of the third installment of MARCH BADASSNESS - our yearly tournament of pop culture badassery - previous winners include Han Solo in 2015 and Buffy Summers in 2016. I still can't explain that one. Buffy fans are hot out there! In 2017 there are only 16 out of an original 64 combatants left - so get your votes in every week!

Who would win between...
(9) Rey
(5) The Rock

Rey emerged in a surprising upset against One-Punch Man, who should have probably won this whole tournament. In one punch! Force, though. In just one movie Rey has won our hearts, and she's set to return in the biggest film of the year, The Last Jedi (2017). The Rock has the Fate of the Furious (2017) in a few weeks, though, and Baywatch (2017) after that, which will certainly hold their own. Lightsabers, blasters, and a Millennium Falcon at her disposal makes Rey worthy, but the Rock has...muscles. And that eyebrow thing. This is a pretty even fight.

Who would win between...
(3) George Smith Patton, Jr
(2) Shaquille O'Neal

Here's a hell of a match. George S. Patton, pictured here as played by George C. Scott trying to shoot down a plane with a handgun, is anger incarnate. His biggest fault is slapping soldiers with PTSD and calling for the to be shot. His biggest strength is FUCKING WINNING WORLD WAR II. Shaq is a crazy person, huge, dominant, a true force to be reckoned with, who is also a huge jackass who can't throw free throws. For some reason this is still my first thought when I think of Shaq, which is all sorts of insane on my part. But doesn't that just completely epitomize the Big Diesel?

Be sure to vote in the other divisions!

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