March Badassness 2017 Sweet 16: Sherwood Division

As the Real NCAA Tournament begins, NMW has finally made it to the SWEET SIXTEEN of the third installment of MARCH BADASSNESS - our yearly tournament of pop culture badassery - previous winners include Han Solo in 2015 and Buffy Summers in 2016. I still can't explain that one. Buffy fans are hot out there! In 2017 there are only 16 out of an original 64 combatants left - so get your votes in every week!

Who would win between...

(1) Samuel L. Jackson
(5) Donnie Yen
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Sam Jackson vs. Donnie Yen is a brilliant match-up between angry guns and swearing vs. charming abs and kung fu skills. As our #1 overall seed, Sam Jackson has the lead, especially if he drinks his own beer, but never doubt the inherent exposure a Star Wars film gives one of its principal badasses. Wait...this is actually Imwe vs. Windu.

Who would win between...

(3) The Punisher
(2) Prince

This is surely a classic match-up. Both have been known to wear spandex. The Punisher is a nigh-unstoppable merciless killing mission fueled by vengeance and disdain for the crime-ridden scum of the earth, but he is still just but a man. Prince is certainly no man, more of a sparkly god or wood nymph sent down to give us "Purple Rain." His greatest achievement may be making the ruffled shirt and bright colors badass, but we'll see how he does against the no-nonsense gun-slinging of Frank Castle.

Be sure to vote in the other divisions!

LV-426 Division
Z-City Divison
Green Place Division

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