March Badassness 2017 Sweet 16: LV-426 Division

As the Real NCAA Tournament begins, NMW has finally made it to the SWEET SIXTEEN of the third installment of MARCH BADASSNESS - our yearly tournament of pop culture badassery - previous winners include Han Solo in 2015 and Buffy Summers in 2016. I still can't explain that one. Buffy fans are hot out there! In 2017 there are only 16 out of an original 64 combatants left - so get your votes in every week!

Who would win between...
(8) Peter Venkman
(5) Zorro
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Ya'll are crazy. Somehow we get a Peter Venkman vs. Zorro match-up and I have no idea how it will turn out. Bill Murray's popularity is undeniable but can he outfight and outwit the master swordsman? He does have a nuclear reactor strapped to his back. That might beat carving Z's into everything and cutting off women's dresses. Then again, they'd probably just team up in the end.

Who would win between...
(6) Quint
(2) Snake Eyes

So on one side we have the crusty, dirty limerick-spouting, bootleg liquor-distilling, shark-fighting madman sailor Bartholomew Quint (the existence of a first time is actually debatable), survivor of the wreck of the USS Indianapolis, but not of JAWS. On the other we have the American Ninja Military warrior who never speaks, but can sword fight on mountains and shit. Snake Eyes has the upper hand in every physical and combat category, but Quint is also old and angry. That goes a long way around these parts.

Be sure to vote in the other divisions!

Sherwood Division
Z-City Division
Green Place Division

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