March Badassness 2017 CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH

At long last it's down to two. Sam Jackson vs. Rey. Both have triumphed over a ridiculous set of opponents to reach this point. As we're in between actual Final Four match-ups tonight, there's no better time to drop this final poll. There's one more battle to fight:

Who would win between...
(1) Samuel L. Jackson
(9) Rey
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Sam Jackson's Road to the Championship:

Wins over:
(16) Magnus Robot Fighter
(8) Martin Riggs
(5) Donnie Yen
(3) The Punisher
(8) Peter Venkman

No slouch...

Rey's Road to the Championship:

Wins over:
(8) Michael Myers
(1) Saitama
(5) The Rock
(3) George S. Patton
(1) Jet Li

Will Rey beat three #1 seeds in this tournament?!

This is a fearsome battle. Sam Jackson has so much badass in him. We didn't even get to Shaft, Nick Fury, or Major Marquis Warren from The Hateful Eight (2015) in his character pics. There's no one on planet earth that can utter a "motherfucker" like Samuel L. He of course, is also Mace Windu, if it helps this fight to come down to these two Star Wars characters.

It's downright incredible that Rey is here. She may not have beaten too many fighters who were that popular, save for The Rock, but holy shit that line-up of badasses is supreme. Saitama, Patton, Jet Li are a ridiculous combo. With only one film under her belt, the character is pretty new, but Daisy Ridley has proven herself to be a true force to be reckoned with. And awakened. Wa-hey!

Who will it be? Only you can decide. The corresponding NCAA Basketball championship drops on Monday. We'll go a few days after that, because clearly, this is THE match-up to count on this time of year.

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