Write Your Own Hangover!

First, pick a city (the more sin the better) and pick someone to get married. The premise will be that Stu, Phil and Alan (played by Ed Helms, Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis) are attending a bachelor party...and the movie begins...

Opening Credits: Simple white font over innocuous landscape shots

The First Scene is a domestic conversation about the upcoming wedding with the groom and one of the Four Core Alcoholics

Dad loves this, so don't fuck it up

Alan Interrupts a toast with prepared remark

Time-Lapse City From Night to Morning:

Alan is the second to wake up

There's a critter in the bathroom

Stu has damaged his face

We awake to find someone who we did not start the night with in their hotel room

However the most important person from the night before is missing!

Check your pockets!

We partied all night with a feeble human who can't talk, so of course Alan makes inappropriate penis jokes

We pick up the person we're looking for but find someone else instead

With difficulty we return what we stole but are injured for it

Valuable information from a cameo

Which leads us to Bryan Callen

Stu's Weakness for Prostitutes

Leaving this place we're attacked by gangsters avenging our theft

And someone is shot!

Chow Attacks!

Alan admits it was his fault we blacked out

But he didn't mean to!

The Owner of the Animal we stole inflicts some damage

Stu Sings!

We meet some gangsters and get an ultimatum for the release of our missing friend

Tho improbable, we succeed during the second night but the next morning instead of our missing friend the gangster has someone else

This is too much, we need to call our wives. How about Phil? But wait! Stu figures it out!

Our missing friend was at the hotel the whole time!

Race to the wedding

Stu! Time to tell off somebody

So the wedding goes pretty smoothly despite the groom having a rough face

We've got a special guest singer

And someone found a camera, let's look at the ridiculousness we actually had over the credits!

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