06 October 2009

Because it was on TV: New Fall Syndication Schedules and What They Mean to Me

With the new Fall Television season underway for a few weeks now there comes more changes than just new shows and timeslots (besides, I already ranted about that). I am very pleased with several changes to Syndication Schedules which I'd like to discuss here.

Very quickly you'll find this post turning into me ranting about the wonder of The Office, but bear with me. Now, I realise that on USA and TNT there are ad nauseam repeats of Law & Order and NCIS and House and whatever other crap NBC/Universal shoves down its throat. I honestly don't pay attention to this kind of thing much, this fellow blogger sums up about all my reaction to the "Crime-Solving Show."

I want to turn our attention to TBS, a network completely based upon re-runs, Major League Baseball and unfunny ethnic comedians. I find myself watching TBS every single day however, because of the former. Of the minimum 53 hours a week I devote to watching television, roughly 38% of that time is devoted towards syndicated repeats. Here's how the rest break down:

Sports: 24%
Movies: 23%
Cartoons: 4% (I gotta work on getting this higher)
New Shows: 11%

I know, you were just dying to know that. My point is that I spend a lot of time on local cable stations, as well as channels like F/X, TBS and Comedy Central basking in the glory of yesteryear. TBS in particular this Fall has caught my near-melted eyeballs for one reason: The Office.

The Office is one of the greatest shows of this decade, as I think I've mentioned a few times, I tried watching the British version a few times, couldn't understand what the hell they were saying and gave up. TBS is currently playing about 5 hours of The Office a day, mostly in-between huge blocks of Family Guy and Tyler Perry's House of Fucking Twats, which means now is a great time to catch up. Yeah, the only major problem with TBS is sitting through their commercials.

Also new to prime time TBS syndication is My Name is Earl, which is another fantastic NBC show that was silent but deadly canceled before the current season. Such a shame, but it's now on TBS all the time as well, so give it a turn of the dial every now and then.

Other than that, locally in Rochester, NY here, FOX WUHF has been putting Seinfeld at 6:00 and The Simpsons at 6:30 (the latter has held that slot for 15+ years, my first introduction to the glorifying notion that syndication helps you memorize and entire season), so that's a golden block of outstanding programming right there. After that, though, is an hour of My Uncle's Teaching Me How to Be a Womanizer, which I largely pan. The Office is also currently finding a little time on the CW, you just can't escape the bastard.

So there you have it. Just more reasons to keep that television on, and those windows closed. One final item of note here, The Brothers Grimm (2005) has been on some movie channel every weekend for the past five weeks. Literally, it just keeps switching channels, from ABC to USA to the CW to Universal HD. It's crazy! Anyway if you've been waiting for your chance to see this...okay movie now is a golden opportunity to watch The Brothers Grimm for some reason. I hope this has been informative.

Have a day.

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