13 October 2009

Top Movies that Feature the Awesome Power of Rock and Roll!

In honour of okay-looking video game Brutal Legend coming to stores today, I thought I'd countdown for the universe the Top Movies featuring legendary magical Rock 'N' Roll performances to solve their plot problems. Rock is surely an all-powerful entity, not unlike Ion and Parallax from the Green Lantern mythos. On the emotional spectrum, the entity of Rock embodies the Awesome Ring. Let's quickly continue:

First, let's talk about Brutal Legend, which actual looks pretty groovy:

I don't really know anything about this other than it features basically Jack Black using the magical power of Rock in a weird Metal Fantasy world. Pretty rad stuff, good to see the power of Rock justified towards fighting the forces of evil and lameness for once.

#1: Staying on the Jack Black train now, we have Tenacious D In the Pick of Destiny (2006). This showdown is nasty:

I actually really enjoyed this part of the movie, as well as this part, and that was about it for this whole fiasco (tragic being a Tenacious D fan). Rock is consistently used to worship or battle Satan and this scene is the best there out there for the latter. Devilish electronica-Metal vs. Acoustic Sunshine is the name of the game here, clearly, the winner of everything is the potheads.

#2: Next up, the wonderous Goofy Goober Rock from The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (2004). In addition to normal humans, wizards often use the Power of Rock in addition to the power of Iluvatar in battling the evils of the earth. Indeed Rock is a pure force of freedom and indomitable will, able to break the evil chum bucket mind-controlling helmets. The righteous chops literally "blow minds" free of constricting and negative thoughts.

Well I guess that's about it actually. Just those two. The Righteous Might of Heavy Metal Rock 'N' Roll knows no bounds however. Be warned young metalheads. Be warned of its power.

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