16 June 2014

Summer Jam Week 6: Iggy Nicki Lordie

We're getting into the last week of High School, folks - time for graduation parties, commencement, and a ridiculous amount of poor decisions. As far as Jams go, it's still all Iggy, but the next big track is just out there waiting to drop and blow all our minds. For now, the week is mostly full of retreads. Keep reading an blow some speakers:

Hot Jam of the Week: "Live Forever" by Travis Barker ft. Juicy J & L.I.Z.

In honor of 22 Jump Street (2014)'s tremendous success this weekend the Hot Jam that plays over the end credits gets the spot here. It's a fantastic track and really simultaneously typical of the hard line Phil Lord and Chris Miller run between fresh zeitgeist, irony, and genuine trashiness. It's part of a revelry in the disdained that makes these guys so popular. I'm not sure if Travis Barker's goal is any of that, but it's a sweet jam.

Just Don't Smack Your Face: "Tennis Court" by Lorde

Lorde comes back this week with the irresistible lead track off of Pure Heroine. I don't know how I can instinctively understand what "talking it out like yeaah" means, but part of Lorde's appeal is how she inexplicably can become the voice of a generation, even if she's a generation behind me. Way cray, girl.

For the World Cup: "Trophies" by Drake

A lot of Drake songs sound pretty similar and this could really stand in for anything he does. It's still pretty good, though, so that's a good indication. I can't see "Trophies" catching on the way bigger hip hop joints have in summers past, but it's a pretty fair entry for a rad radio play here and there. Pretty good. Pretty, pretty, pretty good.

Get Dem Ready: "Stay Ready (What a Life)" by Jhene Aiko ft. Kendrick Lamar

It's tough to find a poorly constructed song by either of these artists, and "Stay Ready" bounces with Jhene's coos and Kendrick's flow to make an incredible track. In terms of widespread commercial appeal, I don't think it's going to turn any really crazy heads, but it's tough not to light up, put this on, and have a real, real chill night.

Is it Fun: "Ain't it Fun" by Paramore

Everything about this song really annoys me - I think it's a combination of the vapid lyrics, inconsequential video, and the bet that seems like it's always building upon its earworm contractions but leaves you short of anything really significant. Still, it's popular as hell, probably because it goes down pretty easy by just about any ears in range.

Poppin' Fresh: "Pills N Potions" by Nicki Minaj

"Pills N Potions" gets a video this week that's really surreal and full of all this 90s-level CGI. I don't know what the tone is necessarily going for with the weird still-life rabbits and sexy Minaj spilling all over herself, but it's an interestingly pared down song and video for where Nicki is in her career right now. I'm down, though, and if anything, Nicki merely proves that she can pull off a wide variety of styles and personae.

Dolled Up: "Fancy" by Iggy Azalea ft. Charlie XCX

I'm waiting for at least one of these songs to break, but it's not this week. "Fancy" continues to be a sick song, even if it may be fast approaching an overplayed threshold. The video also hails to the 90s whose kitsch is getting an interesting rise in appreciation. I'm just waiting for some song to honor the 2000s now. Because damn if we're not getting close to some good ol' 2004 nostalgia.

No Problemo: "Problem" by Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea

I still think this video is pretty useless, from Ariana's blank stare mugging to those creepy double-jointed dudes who freak me out. Ugh. Iggy is probably most successful here as some 70s bufont with hair big enough to match her attitude. The expression, the trumpets, and Ariana's voice are maxed out here, but is it enough momentum to catalyst it into Summer Jam Royalty? It's tough to make any other argument right now.

Next week...

Did you hear PSY's Hangover song? Did you know that PSY still existed? I don't know if hangover songs are typically popular, but damn I'm just pleased that this is a thing. Did Snoop Lion give up already? And we get to see his eyes! Oh baby! I hope this becomes a nasty hit.

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