05 June 2017

Summer Jam Week 4: LIVE Genghis Khan Attacks China!

You heard that right. Welcome to another LIVE edition of the Summer Jam 2017 countdown - all your hottest hits are right here for your musical pleasure! There were a lot of great special jams dropped this week as we roll into the month of June, which for many is when Summer officially starts. We've been at this for a month now, but it's time to rock out again!

Hot Jam of the Week: "Run" by Foo Fighters

I got super hammered Friday night and discovered this, which I half-remembered until now. It's an okay song, but the age make-up is crazy and weird and awesome and it's nice to hear a new Foo song, especially one as hardcore as this. It's already pretty popular and could be a great crossover rock hit that does some damage this summer. I've yet to hear non-Internet plays, but no one but me cares about that anymore.

Common Cold: "The Cure" by Lady GaGa

GaGa is hanging around while Katy seems to have evaporated as soon as she crashed. "The Cure" is a sly song that's deceptively catchy even when it's forgettable upon first listen. I still think this isn't quite the Summer Jam GaGa needs, and its position here is pretty precocious. I'd expect "Bon Appetit" to return soon, but who knows at this point.

High Again: "High" by Sir Sly

This is probably getting more attention than it deserves, but once again we get High with Sly. I didn't notice that this video only has like 800,000 views on YouTube, which is crazy, but it's a damn fun song that deserves the notice. Spare me the scant joy this brings - we gotta get hot here. This could come or go from here, but is probably on the edge more than I want it to be. It's my countdown, dammit.

It Ain't Easy: "Hard Times" by Paramore

Do you remember the last Paramore song? I had to do some research and now my YouTube account thinks I really dig Paramore, which is unfortunate. That'd be 2014's "Ain't it Fun" and 2013's "Still Into You." I really hate those vague titles that could literally be the name of any song from any era ever. Hayley Williams is probably better known as the chick from "Airplanes" but this probably their best work. It's got a solid amount of spirit and feels like a proper Summer Jam. It almost struck the Hot Jam position and the timing is good if it can settle down and hang around for a while.

Something Just Like Piss: "Something Just Like This" by The Chainsmokers & Coldplay

Sorry, I just hate this song. It's so dumb. Our #1 from last week falls a bit and after hearing it everywhere last week it seemed to dry up. That's probably coincidental, but as an introspection into my life it didn't show up nearly as much. It could still hang around, but I'm inclined to think it's on its way out. Ugh that scratchy Chainsmoker percussion is so 2016. Get over it.

Tissues for: "Issues" by Julia Michaels

Michaels almost had a hot jam this week to add to the superb "Issues" in "Uh-huh", which is actually a way more awesome track. She's fucking silky, right? I have no idea what she's all about or anything, but I think she's just barely one notch above every other terrible white girl singing her heart out these days. A couple more months of establishing her brand can be helpful, and "Issues" has actually been one of the more consistent songs on this bonkers list each week.

Back Hand in the Back Country: "Body Like a Back Road" by Sam Hunt

That's right. This track is creeping up and up and made a solid effort this week. I actually like this song and thump my head along with it, which is such a rarity. It's all about the smooth rhythm and lack of twang that just destroys most other country songs. It's subtle in its supreme irritation. Maybe I'm just becoming more sympathetic to flyover country. This needs a video with some chick in cut-offs in a lift kit and just be the most American Summer Ever. Fuck France!

Asia is Ours! "Genghis Khan" by Miike Snow

Alright, so this out of now where, but this song genuinely ran my life this week. I did here this here and there but also totally played it on my own fourteen hundred times. It's a really cool little song with a bonkers video and solid metaphor. This is a gutsy #1 pick, but they've all been this year. This could stick around and maybe a contender this summer, but probably not. We've gone really crazy so far. Summer Jam Queen will probably be like "Issues" or something.

Next week...

We'll see if Miike Snow can stick around, perhaps not in the #1 spot. I'm also looking at Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, who narrowly missed out this week, and Lorde's new track, "Perfect Plan." That in addition to a ton of new spicy jams make it an exciting time to have ears! Stay tuned, loyal listeners!

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