10 August 2021

Summer Jam 2021 Week 12: Peaches in Rio

Here we go. Getting into mid-August now. It's hot as the devil's titty but fall is right around the corner now. We're entering into the solid last third of summer. Are we counting this right?

"Don't Go Yet" by Camila Cabello

I don't have too much commentary this week. This track is good enough. It's not nearly "My Oh My" status, but it's fun enough for a late summer jam. I'm not sure if we're getting a "WAP" this year. But the WAPserversary is coming up. Other than that, mostly sort of the same this week.

I just heard "Girl from Rio" a ton this week and I like it. Clearly Spotify, Billboard, local radio, and my own personal tastes are NOT on the same page. That's fine, I expect as much. But I really dig this song! Totally not a Summer Jam Contender.

But at this point we do have to start talking about how these points are going to add up. I think it's going to be Olivia or Bieber. At this point if either miss a week it's a huge deal! Keep blasting those sweet summer jams!

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