03 August 2021

Summer Jam 2021 Week 11: 11 Times the Fun

It's almost time, folks. We've got one more month of nonsense until this Summer of Jams is finally over! And this has got to be the last summer of doing this. We're just pulled in far too many directions to keep this up with ANY sort of consistency. So let's start jamming with more sincere jam than ever before.

"Skate" by Silk Sonic

I hate Bruno Mars...because he's so damn good. He's been riding this funk train for decades now and I get so amped up by all his stuff. It's so smooth and fun and ready to go. "Skate" could be a great song. Who knows if it'll catch on, everything is tough these days.

This isn't getting any radio play. WONDER WHY. It's crushing spotify, though, and that's that.

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