03 January 2022

2021 TV and Sports Review!

 We just summed up our extensively exhaustive list of films watched in 2021 and now it's time for TV and Sports. I have always really been into cataloging the shows I watched and how many episodes, but I gave that up this year. When I did so, I kind of lost a bit of what I was trying to track in the first place. I get so obsessed with getting my movie numbers high, I wanted to give myself some motivation to watch more TV and sports. That didn't really work, so I think in 2022 I'm not going to track anything. But here are the numbers for 2021!

I watched a total of 63 distinct shows! I guess that's it. I have no other data.

Favourite shows that debuted in 2021 include Squid Game, Get Back, Loki, Only Murders in the Building, Hacks, and The Head. The best show overall is obviously Nathan for You.

I watched 47 different sporting events!

NFL: 19 games
MLB: 2
NBA: 9
NHL: 1
NCAA Men's Basketball: 8
NCAA Football: 1
NCAA Softball: 3
Other (Olympics, Water Polo, TBT, Masters Tournament): 4

How did I watch three times as many softball games as football games? Softball is better, I just really got into that tournament this year.

Most Teams Watched:

Miami Dolphins: 5
Buffalo Bills: 5
Kansas City Chiefs: 5
Cleveland Browns: 4
NY Knicks: 4
Atlanta Hawks: 4
Syracuse Basketball: 3
New England Patriots: 3

I am not a Pats fan or Hawks fan. They were just playing teams I liked.

The only in-person event I went to was a baseball came in St. Louis against the Kansas City Royals. Some of that was for obvious reasons this year.

You'll never see these stats again, so enjoy them!

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