03 January 2022

52 Movies in 2022

Ladies and Gentlemen, as I was putting together my list of movies watched in 2021, as I have done for the past six years, I started thinking about all the films that have been burning holes in my queues for literally going on twelve years now (having gotten Netflix in 2010 that is).

I also thought about how much I like talking about random movies that I see for the first time in any given year. I wanted to both get this need out as well as offer myself some motivation. So, I present to you a list of 52 films I will watch and write-up every single week in the Year 2022. Some of these are films I just think are interesting, others have been burning through my list for a long time, others I know next to nothing about. Still others are just obscure gaps in artists' oeuvres that I want to complete. Others are obscure or hard to find and I need some motivation to become a true cinephile and track these bastards down.

You'll find a wide range. Failed blockbusters, old favourites, cult movies, terrible movies, critically lauded movies. Recent films, old films, long films, short films. Westerns, documentaries, comedies, animation, horror, drama, sci-fi. There's not a ton of rhyme or reason to the list, just all things I thought were interesting and made it on to my list one way or another.

Now, if you are keen-eyed you will notice that there are only 42 movies listed here. That's simply because I decided to give myself room for 10 more that may come across my brain over the course of the year. Or maybe I'll see something else interesting by happenstance and want to write it up. Regardless, every Friday there will be a new movie write-up waiting for you.

Needless to say, I don't think these will actually go in order (there are a handful leaving HBOMax Jan 31 that I am going to prioritize). I am going to keep this as the Master List and include links to each film's write-up.

52. Greed (1924)

This will hopefully be a very fun exercise for this year, or at least until I become busy and exhausted. Enjoy!

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