March Badassness 2018: Overlook Hotel Division

Hey look, it's March! For the past four years Norwegian Morning Wood has hosted an annual tournament of the greatest, toughest fighters in all of pop culture. As you can guess, having 64 fighters a year means that by around the mid-point of year two we were scraping the barrel. That's never stopped us, though, and here we have 64 NEW combatants for you to vote on. Having trouble thinking of 64 badasses? Or 128? Or 192? Well here's 256. Vote across all four divisions each week until we reach the championship round!

Who would win between...
(9)Sonic the Hedgehog
(12)Roland Deschain
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This is a bizarre attitude match-up. The largely irreverent Sonic vs. the stoic desert-chasing gunslinger. Is Deschain quick enough to put a bullet through the little blue hedgehog? Both are pretty low seeds that have had great match-ups. There's a lot of Dark Tower fans out there, but how many old SEGA lovers? You decide!

Who would win between...
(2)Charles Bronson
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So I have a confession to make. I've made a pretty bad error. Charles Bronson actually appeared in the 2016 March Badassness, where he was a 3 seed and lost in the first round to (14) Bane. I must have overlooked this, but at any rate Bronson seems to be doing much better this year. It's too late to change anything, but you may decide with your votes. As we progress over the years I'll try to be more diligent. At the end of the day, maybe fucking Charles Bronson ends up the only repeat Badass, and maybe that's okay. Deathstroke is tough competition, though. Deadpool actually also lost in the first round in 2016, to Buffy. So basically the fact that this whole match-up exists is amazing.

Other Divisions:

Skull Island
North Pole

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