March Badassness 2018: Wakanda Division

Hey look, it's March! For the past four years Norwegian Morning Wood has hosted an annual tournament of the greatest, toughest fighters in all of pop culture. As you can guess, having 64 fighters a year means that by around the mid-point of year two we were scraping the barrel. That's never stopped us, though, and here we have 64 NEW combatants for you to vote on. Having trouble thinking of 64 badasses? Or 128? Or 192? Well here's 256. Vote across all four divisions each week until we reach the championship round!

Who would win between...
(1)Castor Troy
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Great action hero match-up. Or action villain and action hero. Castor is nuts and unpredictable while Dutch is supremely tactical. Also, because I couldn't host this as the poll image, let this settle in:

Who would win between...
(14)Commander Peter Taggart
(2)Black Panther
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I wanted to remind you of doofy 70s comic book Black Panther. See if you vote for him when he's not that cool! This is a match-up between fan favourites this year, and it pains me to choose one over the other. As with all novelty combatants here, Taggart's popularity has to fade out. Right? Black Panther is on everyone's minds right now, and even as a 2 seed has a strong chance to walk away with the whole damn tournament!

Other Divisions:

Skull Island
Overlook Hotel
North Pole

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