26 July 2010

Summer Jam 2010: July 26 Winners

'Twas a big week for Pop Tracks across this great nation this week. There's some long-forgotten entries making a bit of a comeback, shifts in position around the rest of the board and finally a pretty big shake-up at the number one spot. Let's get into the action:

#8: "Lay Me Down" - The Dirty Heads ft. Rome

Back again after many many weeks off the list, this song has managed to leak into most Rock Lovers playlists and is certainly one of the greatest Summer Rock Songs to emerge in the past couple years. Actually, I'm not sure if we can consider it a "Rock" Track exactly, but whatever label you want to give it, Alt, Stoner-Rock, whatever, it rules. This is all over Facebook and Radio this week and so it fights back its spot. It really is a fantastic track.

#7: "Dynamite" - Taio Cruz

Holding strong amidst the competition, this is a great Summer Dance Number. It's advancing hard on the Billboard Charts but breaking the Top Three over there is going to be hard as hell. Taio Cruz had a pretty good hit with "Break Your Heart" earlier this summer but other than that he doesn't have nearly as much pedigree as Usher, Katy Perry or Eminem to challenge their top positions. Then again, "Break Your Heart" had a nice little run at #1 (Not against this level of competition). It's a good song though and should continue a good run here.

#6: "OMG" - Usher

Another big bump in the road this week. Again I'm not worried about Ursh falling too much here somehow he's recovered from worse stumbles. Considering how many new challengers have whooped his ass and how even Taio Cruz is chomping for him though, this might be the road Usher takes off this list. It's hard to tell. My guess is he lasts at least through the start of August and then it's see ya later. Who isn't sick of this song yet?

#5: "Ridin' Solo" - Jason Derulo

Stalling a bit and spinning his wheels on the Hot 100, he's done well enough with Radio Play to climb a bit here. Although the best parts of Derulo songs are still the ones he has nothing to do with I will praise this sampling of "Bittersweet Symphony" that integrates well into the song over something like this shitty choppy sampling of "Kids" by MGMT by rapper Chiddy Bang. Wait, Chiddy Bang? Seriously? This somehow makes me run fast back to Derulo.

#4: "Billionaire" - Travie McCoy ft. Bruno Mars

Somehow apparently not going anywhere for the moment, "Billionaire" stays relatively stable. I'm still waiting for this to crash although I'm not sure how possible that is at this point. There's nothing much more worthwhile to this track after the first 200 listenings so it escapes me why it's still relevant at all. I can only guess that it did break relatively later than some of these other songs which may account for its extended lifetime.

#3: "Airplanes" - B.o.B ft. Hayley Williams

This week continued "Airplanes" lengthy run in part due to increased airplay of Part II. This of course could likely be linked to Eminem's sudden surge in popularity and searches from his own hit single. This ain't going anywhere soon. There's not a whole lot that can threaten its position soon (Taio Cruz if he gets lucky). In fact, at this point it's more likely that Katy cracks a bit more and this track takes an even higher position.

#2: "California Gurls" - Katy Perry ft. Snoopy

Oh baby. Dethroned. The Summer is up for grabs. Still getting a ton of airplay and still #1 on Billboard's Radio Songs, plunges in Digital Downloads and the Hot 100 brings the girl down. Basically we still heard this track a shitload this week but Slim Shady really effortlessly dominated. It's okay Katy, you still have bigger boobs.

#1: "Love the Way You Lie" - Eminem ft. Rihanna

Okay let's talk about this track a bit. It's really an incredibly depressing song but also pretty deep. Em lays these brutal vocals down exhibiting a false sense of control and ownership over his spouse while Rihanna moans this super-silky (she's so good at that) acceptance of the pain he gives her. You feel pity and understanding for their situation, there's this simultaneous sense of a disastrous relationship that is most pained because two people want it to work through the pain (very literal, physical pain) they give each other. The emotions are complex, intense and not cute or nice in any sense of the word. This is our #1 song right now. This really indicates to me that there's hardly a soul out there who pays attention to lyrics but whatever. This song was everywhere this week and it's one of the clearest #1's this whole Summer.

Next week? Don't expect anything other than a Pop Song to last that long. La Roux narrowly missed a similar comeback this week but I'm still waiting for 3OH!3 to jump back into the mix but I'm afraid that if they haven't cracked the Top 10 at this point on the Hot 100 they're not going to. I haven't heard much Enrique at all but Drake's "Find You Love" is set up nicely to do some damage. Stay tuned in!

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