19 July 2010

Summer Jam 2010: July 19 Winners

Just past the Summer Halfway point now the competition for Jam of Summer is heating up. By now the tracks that are going to last have proven themselves and the reliable ones are sticking around. While the winners may seem set in stone right now it's still pretty easy for a song to upset, especially if Eminem's rapid rise is any indication. Let's get to it:

#8: "Your Love is My Drug" - Ke$ha

I can't believe this is still around. Somehow this song has bounced back and off this list here and there but is lingering like a cockroach. It's been here for a while now and although it's clearly on its way down (maybe not, I've been saying it's about to crumble for a while) it's proven a bit of its staying power. Outside shot. Way outside.

#7: "Ridin' Solo" - Jason Derulo

Princess Leia loves Ridin' Solo. Had to make that joke. Derulo comes back with a stringent expression of bachelorhood (what's up with that this Summer?) although this is really an incredibly stupid song. Those falsetto notes get me every time, what is he doing? Anyway, there's a lot of competition to crack much higher than this but it's not impossible. Ultimately this song isn't really strong enough to do much else than strut around this position for a while.

#6: "Dynamite" - Taio Cruz

This track is growing on me. It's got a good Summer Bounce to it, great for a Late Night Beach Boogie or a Jungle Adventure. Some of the older weaker songs around it like "Airplanes" and "Billionaire" are ready to be knocked down and "Dynamite," rather than "Ridin' Solo" is the one to do it. As its stock rises and enjoyability stays constant it'll have a nice little run through the Third Summer Quarter. Taio Cruz lays his shit down.

#5: "Billionaire" - Travie McCoy ft. Bruno Mars

This is another one that has outstayed its welcome this summer. After a pretty good little kick it's started a steady decline that should fall off any week here. For now however it's still bumbling around the charts and radio so here it is. A pretty fun song, there's a lot of hope, goodwill and soft moments with this song, which has undoubtedly helped it stick around this long. It's cute but not lasting.

#4: "Airplanes" - B.o.B ft. Hayley Williams

Finally Part II is getting a bit of airplay on some good ol' White Pop Stations which is sweet because it's lyrics, flow and content are far superior to Part I. I mentioned a few weeks ago that this competent remix could easily swoop in and give this track a boost over the course of Summer and it looks like that prediction has finally come true. It gives a bit a renewed energy to this song which works pretty well. Also this is in some commercials for Charlie St. Cloud (2010), Zachary Efron's latest opus. So naturally this thing is still going places.

#3: "OMG" - Usher ft. will.i.am

Yep. The only song on this countdown that has managed to make every list since we started continues to virtually be the most consistent Jam of Summer. Its popularity at this point certainly isn't going away despite some of my earlier doubts. Ursh just kills it although I'm thinking more and more than bill's part here doesn't add anything worthwhile to this track. Now if only "Lil Freak" can catch on.

#2: "Love the Way You Lie" - Eminem ft. Rihanna

This thing has one of the highest debuts of any song this whole summer and for good reason. Very suddenly this track is everywhere and it's in a pretty good position to upset Katy pretty soon and just take over Summer. Like a lot of his dark songs on Relapse and Recovery, this song really isn't a good Summer-y Song though. It's 180 to the bouncy Katy Perry pop. It's a very sorrowful, gravitas-infused song but admittedly one of the best Em has put out in years. There's no reason this song won't carry out Summer, if it manages to go out on top it could have a good chance to grab that King of Summer Title.

#1: "California Gurls" - Katy Perry ft. Snoop Doggy Dogg

Have you seen the video for this yet? Go watch it, fap and come back. Boys and girls. That's right. Although it's been risky with overplaying recently my bet moreover is that this track is really enjoying its ubiquitocity right now. It's at the point when everyone knows all the lyrics when its played at the club and can get pretty excited when they hear the first few beats stroll on. Once this feeling crests though this song will tumble pretty hard and Em's all set to roll into his number one spot. Katy's got a few more weeks in her though.

So that's that, the Throne is still wide open and up for grabs, likely by someone in this week's Top Three. Enrique and Drake were left out this week, we'll see if they've got enough power to break in. Some of these tracks are pretty wobbly and there's some good room for moving around. It also seems pretty clear that "Alejandro" will end up as one of GaGa's weaker songs (for shame, peaking at a paltry #5). Her Summer Hit eludes her still, but to no big loss. Crank up those speakers!


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