09 August 2010

Summer Jam 2010: August 9 Winners

Some shake ups this week but nothing unpredictable. As summer starts spinning faster and faster towards its close it's time for any last contenders to throw their hats into the ring and see what comes of it. That's certainly the theme of this week when we've got some great leaps, some drops and a top two battle that doesn't show signs of quitting. Let's take a journey:

#8: "Your Love" - Nicki Minaj

Holding the second straight week at the 8 Spot is Nicki who continues to display both a keen singing and rapping ability (really unlike most of her male contemporaries who lack either, much less excel in both). This girl's cred is growing every week, she's been featured in some of the catchiest rap tracks of 2010, including this one that's set to break big any day. You should quickly wash away any premonition that this rapping chick is a gimmick, she enters her fourth week at #1 on the Rap Charts. Not only that but she just kills it on whatever track she's doing. Fantastic.

#7: "DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love" - Usher ft. Pitbull

Yeah man. As it looks like "OMG" is definitively off the charts for the moment, Ush has come back with this far inferior track. Both songs are actually in the Billboard Hot 100 this week, but really "OMG" is out of here. Usher has been specialising in straight up club songs recently and this is no different. It's really not a great song at all but is at least more tolerable than some of the other terrible tracks this week. There's not much else to it.

#6: "Billionaire" - Travie McCoy ft. Bruno Mars

I finally saw the video for this track this week. It seems like a big wasted opportunity. There's hardly anything unique about it, which is a shame considering how cool Bruno Mars' last vid was. With a great chance at extravagance or at least interestingness, the "Billionaire" video looks like it was shot by a couple of film school students on a free afternoon. Then again that's very well possibly the point, providing a contrast between lyrical material and the visuals, highlighting that the dream is just that. There's the same kind of hopeful wishing and kindness in the video however, which should certainly help its popularity in these dark times. Travie brings himself down to our level here, humanising his career while simultaneously providing for a quest for glory. Sounds like perfect middle American high school girls.

#5: "Airplanes" - B.o.B ft. Hayley Williams

This was #1 on a few countdowns this week, including Vh1's weekly Top 20, but I don't believe this track's popularity has sustained it up there. Also you can see how this whole production is a little screwy (Is that a Christina Aguilera song in there?). Anyway, this is still doing relatively well and has had a pretty consistent run on this list which certainly helps its Title Chances. Wouldn't it feel weird crowning such a deep track though? Let's get some bubble in here.

#4: " Dynamite" - Taio Cruz

I've been actually listening to this song this week. The lyrics are so fucking nutty. "Give me space for both my hands, hands, hands, hands" always tends to conjure this image in my head:

Yep. Anywho, this has been rising steadily in popularity and there's no reason Taio shouldn't be able to close out Summer with some pretty high standings. Like "DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love," this is a straight-up club track but its greater catchiness, epicness and danceability. Love live Cruz.

#3: "Cooler Than Me" - Mike Posner

I fucking hate this song. This one of my most hated songs I've had for a while. It's absolute trash garbage. What gets me is the huge level of pretension, the premise of the song is Michael here talking down to someone who he thinks thinks is better than him. Flat out, down syndrome stuff going on with a shit beat, boner-crushing vocals, makes me want to shave my face with a shotgun shell. Done.

#2: "California Gurls" - Katy Perry ft. Snoopy Loopy Droopy

Somehow this song is still everywhere actually, it was the most played song in my home village of Rochester, NY this week and is still rocking out the Pop Charts and Radio songs. Eminem though is just dominating on iLike, digital downloads, Hot 100 and general buzz. Katy's got a few big weeks yet coming up, along with hosting the Teen Choice Awards tonight and then her actual album finally drops the end of August! And needless to say, Katy's the definite Frontrunner (by a good margin) of nabbing that Queen of Summer Trophy.

#1: "Love The Way You Lie" - Eminem ft. Rihanna

This video dropped this week and it's one of the sickest I've seen in a long time. Firstly, the Star Power on display is phenomenal. Rihanna cooing, Em spitting hot fire like Dylan, Megan Fox looking like the most beautiful white trash chick in the cosmos and finally, Meriadoc Brandybuck himself doing Charlie with less drugs, more poverty and anger. There's some heavy shit going on here. Desperation, the line between love and hate, violence and sex infused as one entity. It's really some incredible shit. Unstoppable force meeting an immovable object. Not only that but this vid gets into some real shit for ultimately a contemporary Pop Track. Em doesn't hold back a thing, which is why it works. If you haven't seen this masterpiece yet check it out down here:

Justin Bieber will remix this song sometime in the next decade, it's going to be awesome.

So who got left out? Derulo and Drake and Enrique are left on the outside looking in, frankly none of their tracks are exceptional enough to warrant a second look. Like I said, I'm looking to that Trey Songz and Nicki song mentioned earlier as well as another Nicki track with Sean Kingston, "Letting Go," which has just enough fake Jamaican to provide a nice kick-out to Summer. Man, Sean Kingston is fat. Look at how big his head is!

Now real quick, I want to mention "143." I'm not sure it'll crack the Top 8 in the next couple weeks so this rant needs to drop here. Firstly:

This is really one of the most uninspired Rap Videos I've ever seen. It's just full of really typical shit - Mansion Party, tons of babes, boozin', sunglasses. What the fuck is wrong with Bobby Brackin's face? His eyes look like a fucking Mackerel. How is this ugly motherfucker getting these babes? And Ray J, how come every black guy has a nephew or uncle named Ray J, this cat is ridiculous. And then he rips off his own "Sexy Can I" song at one point! It's like he forgot what song he was singing! And then 143 itself, I had to UrbanDictionary this shit, apparently it stands for the number of letters in each word of the phrase "I Love You," which is funny because it's also the same amount of letters in "I Hate You" or for that matter "A Dead Cat." Bobby Brackins might as well be rapping about "A Dead Cat." I'm really bothered by this.

Next week, Nicki gets on and some song featuring Nicki gets on. Wait and listen.

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