05 August 2010

Because it was on TV: Jersey Shore and Manufactured Reality: Jersey Shore Version

Yo last week THE show came on, bro, the best fucking shit I've ever seen man, the Jersey Shore. I had never even SEEN this shit before yo, like most of my bros I had basically dissed the boys and girls. More and more peeps are attachin eyeballs to this shit tho so what can I say? I had to turn the box, dude. Yo this shit was mad bogus.

After catchin the shit I thought about what it meant you know. It's mad phoney with this editing and shit that makes fuckin stories out of the bullshit it calls its "reality". Most other bullshit shows are just like this dawg but my boys here stand out as a fuckin wreckage show yo. Let me spit some fire here-

The acting first off is mad whack. Its like a flippin on a crunked up movie yo. Unless all these bitches are just awkward and shit in real life then I dont even knwo what to say. This fuckin shit can't be real lives, its mad fake all over. This shit is like, in the middle of fuckin reality and made-up shit. It's some funky shit.

Yo it's like, all reality TV really makes stories out of nothing. I bet it actually takes some dope talent for editors and shit to make somethin dope out of some bro's daily life, then chop and edit all this fuckin shit into a dope story that makes sense with like, a start and fo sho end and shit. Not only that dawg, it';s like, this shit becomes a whole season and then these seasons even become a few different ones to make a whole series of a TV show. Wow dude. Layers of this fake shit goes on top what these other bros are telling us is reality. Can't believe thsi shit.

Jersey Shore tho yo, is mad trashy right. All these fuckin dawgs and bitches are just full of themselves, don't know how to step off right. I don't know about then talkin good shit about Guidos and shit, it's like what the gangstas and boys did with "Nigga" way long ago. They take away these slurs and turn them around, you know, they just turn that shit without even noin it. Its crazy.  Whats nuts is that even the viewer you know, the viewer knows this shit is whack but he still checks in like whats up?. Its def part of the times. Its like both viewers and non-viewers feel the same shit bro. Like, the only diff is mad different levels of understanding, right?. Like, ppl know the premise is goofed but the bros with the fuckin pride know that actually even watching this shit is whack in itself. Whoa bra

Yo check out this trick's rack:.

That's the fuckin shit there. (Haha that reminds me, check out this mad jersey T here.) I can't believe these dawgs like they know how shitty their lives are but no adaptation. No adaptation AT ALL dude. They is always just wilin' out, which is pretty whack to bros who get their Kant on. It's like, all about the GTL, no brains yo.

Shit gets fucked when little kids and shit watch this shit and then think that this is the shit, you know?. MTV used to be all, you know Celebrity shit and fucked Madonna vids. fuck, son. I might be beefin heavy but the kids change, bro. I bet the little bitches still dis on Jersey Shore but it's like, in their face still instead of way out on the palm. This is some fuckin whack shit. Basically yo, Jersey is mad screwy you know. Oh shit they in mia now? Yo fuck LeBron

also The Situation's like 30 what the fuck is this bro up to?

Jersey Shore new up  tonite at the 10 spot

Peace, bro

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