23 August 2010

Summer Jam 2010: August 23 Winners

Here we are back again with our ongoing look at who will be definitively named The King Of Summer Jam 2010. A bloodthirsty contest this has been and heading into the final breezy weeks of summer I'd say it's almost still anybody's game. Drop your socks and grab your cocks, let's bustle:

#8: "Teenage Dreams" - Katy Perry

A good debut last week, this week Katy's possible second big song of summer clocks in at Numero Ocho. This is a much more muted track than "California Gurls" by far and I like it a whole lot less. It's much whinier, and frankly, sung much poorer. It's admittedly much more of a high school song than her other huge track this summer, so that's exactly as good as its worth. Riding off C-Gurls this track should do fine the next couple weeks.

#7: "Your Love" - Nicki Minaj

Deservedly fighting back up a few spots is Nicki who remains atop the Rap Charts, beating out the boys (and Eminem on those charts). I already gave my rambling about how excellent the video is yesterday and I'll stick to that. She's actually been doing better on the Hot 100 as well, if she cracks the Top 10 there she might actually do some damage this summer. Until then, the Rap Charts aren't good enough without a dent in the Big Leagues. The track still rules and has never really gone away.

#6: "Cooler than Me" - Mike Posner

I fucking hate this shit.

#5: "California Gurls" - Katy Perry ft. Snoop

Katy Perry admitted this week that she's actually also getting sick of this song. I feel like that's the green light for the rest of us to stop pretending we haven't gotten enough of this monster. Big drop this week that should continue to fall as the weather gets colder (you can't listen to this song with red leaves outside anyway). Let's just graciously set this aside and give Eminem his due these next couple weeks.

#4: "Magic" - B.o.B ft. Rivers Cuomo

As official Adidas spokesman, this song is suddenly on every time a Television is, due to the Freshest Commercial of Summer. This is a good track though, and at #11 on the Hot 100 is just pinching at the bit to crack the 100 and rock some worlds. With "Airplanes" just about kaput, B.o.B is ready to swoop in with "Magic." Isn't it funny how the artists of the three biggest songs this summer ("Airplanes," "California Gurls," "OMG") really just bounced back immediately as they decreased popularity? Fantastic.

#3: "DJ Got Us Falling in Love" - Usher ft. Pitbull

Yep. This track exploded this week, and while it's still no where near the...um...stupidity of "OMG," it's a decent entry for Usher. Yeah man. Climbing, climbing I actually doubt its ability to hold on to this precarious spot for a few more weeks, there's a lot of instability around this part of the List. We'll see though, its rise has been meteoric so far. Who knows, actually I should stop trying to predict anything this summer.

#2: "Dynamite" - Taio Cruz

YEAH! This song is ridiculous but perfect for Silly Summer Nights. Taio's got some talent here, albeit wasted on insane lyrics. I really just miss the Hot Chick from the "Break Your Heart" video but this will have to do in the meantime. This is the kind of song that I didn't feel like I actually heard that much this week, but looking back, it was everywhere. That won't change throughout the rest of summer.

#1: "Love The Way You Lie" - Em ft. Rihanna

Is there anything more to say about this song? Along with Nicki I praised the magnificent video yesterday. Awesome controversy, great lyrics, great video, awesome vocals and a sick beat, this is Eminem firing the way Em should be firing. Of course the real catch here is that the content is not suited for Summer at all. We need a cheery inconsequential Summer Jam, I'm worried that as depressing as this track is could hurt its chances as always causing Summer Weather Reminiscence rather than just Good Song Reminiscence. We'll see.

So that's it for this glourious week. I heard a ton of "The Only Exception" by Paramore this week but its chart position has been terrible. I'm also waiting to see if "Club Can't Handle Me" by Flo Rida ft. David Guetta is able to make a dent in these last few weeks. Summer is always Flo Rida Season! What happened man? Bad timing bro. "Misery" by Maroon 5 is right there as well, just barely beat this week. Basically all of these songs need to move far up the Hot 100 to earn some consideration here. Next week is next week though, we'll see baby.

These are sexy times.

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