13 October 2010

Now Catch Norwegian Morning Wood on Facebook!

Hello dear readers on the interweb! Here we have the third NMW post concerning everyone's favourite privacy-invading, data-collecting, multi-billion dollar, society-revolutionizing networking website, Facebook. As some of you might already be doing so, you may now follow updates via your Facebook at Norwegian Morning Wood's Official Page.

It's actually a neat opportunity as a side-stepped addendum to what we like to do around here - movies, pop culture and any other kind of bullshit that crosses our path. Facebook and Twitter allow for these gerbil-sized attention span notes. Whereas I've always attempted to avoid crooning on movie news and gossip, instead focusing more on film content and analysis, the 420-long Facebook character posts allow for much briefer synopses of Pop Goings-On that may be interesting to our readers (you).

A Twitter account will also be set up very shortly as soon as things get organised around here. For now though, the Facebook account will serve to capture little headlines, links, videos or whatever other garbage I've always wanted to post but deemed too insignificant to get into around here. Of course, following either the Facebook or Twitter accounts will also grand you access to any normal NMW updates as well.

So go be our friend. Do not doubt Facebook's omnipresence. It could destroy you in scrabble.

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