08 May 2011

The Long Halloween Vol. II: Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day everybody! This the one day a year where we should appreciate those who give us life. Okay, that should probably be everyday but at least take a moment today and thank your mama. Go call her now then come back here.

Ah good to see you again. Mother's Day is not without its share of appropriate TV and Movies to check out to get you in that Mommy-Honouring Mood so let's get crackin'!

Mommy Movies

There's a few ways you can spin this one. You can either check out psychotic mother movies like Mommie Dearest (1981) or the original Mama's Boy, Norm Bates in Psycho (1960) but that may not be appropriate viewing with your mother. I like something like Tina Fey's Baby Mama (2008) for a more positive look at motherhood. Really what this day should boil down to is just whatever your mama's favourite movie is. For mine that would be The Sound of Music (1965). Or Iron Man 2 (2010). I kept trying to convince my mother go to see THOR (2011) to check out Chris Hemsworth's pecs but she just wasn't into it. That escapes me, I mean, look at those pecs. That's a perfect mother's day, spending it with those pecs. You see way more man pecs than Natalie Boobs in THOR. Actually what the hell, why do we see so much Man-Boob and no Lady-Boob in THOR? This is clearly just an attempt to attract some chicks to the flick who would normally have no interest in Norse Cosmology. So, again, Perfect Mother's Day. Anyway, what is far more likely is that your mom's interests are somewhere between one of these extremes, it's her day, so just don't rent Requiem for a Dream (2000) and you'll be okay.

Mommy Music

Who better than Tupac to write a great Mother's Day song? This is actually more endearing than it should be and there aren't a whole lot of other Mommy Songs to blast for your Dearest over the speakers today. I searched Google for "Mom Songs" and ended up with this list, tho this is a site that suggests I might also be interested in Sheyla Hershey's Massive Boobs so I'm not really sold on its credentials as Mom Experts.

Like the Movies though, you gotta listen to whatever your mama wants today. For mine I think that'd be a lot of Maroon 5, OAR and Cee Lo Green. My mom's pretty cool, actually. Then she'll say something like "Oh play whatever you want, I'm just happy if you're happy." That's when it's time to crank the David Banner.

Mommy Foods:

This is tough. We know to stay away from steak, mac and cheese and beans but it really depends on what your mama wants. More than the food choice though is just doing something nice - make your mama dinner for a change, let that chick relax for a night. It'll probably be a salad or something, you can handle that. Maybe.

As for drinks it depends on what kind of mommy you have - some will be fine with a glass of wine, others may want 10 - 15 beers. That's ok. Whatever she wants she gets. And don't forget that EXTRA special present that might be in store for her today. That is truly the gift that keeps on giving, friends.

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