21 September 2011

Undisputed: Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star - Worst Movie of All Time


I used to really enjoy Nick Swardson. He was like Dane Cook in the mid-2000s, a stand-up that seemed to have a very clear entertainment career ahead of him. They both had very original acts that were hilarious and seemed to usher in this refreshing new age of Big Stand-Up Comedy. Then of course, they both got those careers that seemed so perfectly laid out for them and turned in crap after crap until everyone worth a squirt hated them.

So we come now to Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star (2011). I think these commercials started about a week before the flick hit theaters a dozen days ago. It wasn't long. It's been some of the most bizarre marketing for a terrible film, but also some of the most honest. Actually I've been kind of enjoying it. It's so blatant in its excessive low brow nature. It rolls and glorifies it. Buck Larson: Born to Be a Star may be awful but it's also a movie so devoid of pretension that it comes off as a very genuine experience. Look for yourself:

It's a simple message: "Happy Madison is catering to people who want to get really drunk and watch something really stupid." I don't really understand Happy Madison - it's like the exact opposite of Pixar's Critical and Commercial streak (Cars 2 [2011] aside). There is such an unbelievable conveyor belt of crap that the studio puts out. Bucky Larson is shameful enough not only to not warrant a Sandler cameo, but to not warrant a Schneider cameo. This movie was too awful for Rob Schneider. Holy shit.

But look at these commercials. I've never seen a film so desperate. First of all, how do you pin the marketing of a film on Peter Dante? It's a direct plea to the audience and not only that - it's focuses explicitly on back-to-school kids. It knows its demographics very well and without any other distractions.

So with all this wackiness how has it fared in Theaters? Incredibly with only a $10 million budget it appears as though this will turn into a flop. It has only a $2 million right now, including a second week that included a 71% drop to total $380,000. It seems as if this flick was thrown together at the last second and that's how people are treating it. Still, I will always remember what I was doing when Bucky Larson was in theaters. I was out doing anything else.


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