04 September 2011

The Long Halloween Vol. II: Labour Day

Welcome folks to the final edition of The Long Halloween Vol. II. For the past year, starting with Halloween Norwegian Morning Wood has examined a New Holiday every month and talked about the best movies, food and activities to pair with each. Today is Labour Day, a day that kids dread everywhere and parents love. I mean, you finally get that kid who has been stinking up the house all Summer out of there. That's awesome. If you're that stinky kid though, you've got School this week, so enjoy that ya bastard.

This is also NMW's 300th Post! That is far too many, and naturally this should emulate a lot of the quality you're gonna get around here. Let's take a look:

Labourious Movies:

Labour Day is the end of Summer. So on the one hand you can take this day to try to cram in everything you missed all Summer because you were just too drunk or lazy to do it. In that sense, I would direct you here. But today is more than that - it really should be spent relaxing, having some beer and hot dogs and watching whatever marathon is on TV.

But there is actually a Labour Day movie now! A Good Old Fashioned Orgy (2011), which premieres this weekend is set during a giant Labour Day Orgy Party! Finally, something concrete to do on Labour Day. Orgy. Like, fucking Jaguar Orgies. Sounds like a great idea to me. At least better than scrounging around watching Office or Dirty Jobs Marathons or something.

Actually I have no idea how this movie did this weekend, its advertising really dropped off and it's not on Box Office Mojo's Results at all. Did Jason Sudeikis again fail to open a movie? I've never known an actor so prepped for stardom fail so consistently. Oh well. We can have our own Jaguar Orgies without him I suppose.

Labour Food:

You should eat seven fucking hot dogs. Somehow Hot Dogs are the traditional food for like eight of these Monthly Holidays. It's a good thing then that Hot Dogs taste awesome.

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