18 July 2016

Summer Jam 2016 Week 10: Britney, JT, and Blink WHAT YEAR IS IT

Better late than tomorrow! We're in the deep thick of it now - at the point where all the contenders have lined up pretty solidly. It was a whirlwind week and as we plunge into the hottest depths of the Summer Thrillride, there's a slew of new jams working their way around our earballs. Let's listen in:

Hot Jam of the Week: "Make Me..." by Britney Spears ft. G-Eazy

When was the last time you were pumped up for a Britney song? I feel the same way about this as I did about Madonna's "Bitch I'm Madonna" last year. It's like these mega-queens are trying real hard to emulate current pop rather than innovate in the genre they used to own. This isn't a great tune, but among the other drops this week - like Katy Perry's shitty Olympics song, it rises pretty high.

Ellie! The River! "River" by Bishop

This has been floating around my ears for a while and finally deserved a spot this week. It kind of gives me a Delta Rae "Bottom of the River" vibe, even if it doesn't hit the lofty hits of that track. That's still a good thing. I really dig the pounding heart of this jam, the passion-infused vocals, and its cautious genre straddling between club-thumping pop and forceful rock. I'd like to see it last awhile but who knows.

She Said Konichiwa: "Don't Mind" by Kent Jones

This has also been jazzing around a while, but I've never felt it's been quite hot enough to earn a spot here until this week. It's a really fun track that reminds me of a "Cheerleader" by OMI or Jason Derulo's "Talk Dirty" or something similar from past summers. This is totally a more positive song than either of those, though. It's got a shot for sure to do some damage now that it's rolling with some momentum.

Back Again: "Ophelia" by The Lumineers

"Ophelia" returned this week after a long general period of not caring about its existence, but by this point I know all the lyrics and got kind of pumped for it to come on the radio. It seemed to pop up pretty often for whatever likely random reason, but I like the little dent it's suddenly making this summer.

What's My Age Again? "Bored to Death" by Blink 182

I'm really curious where my favourite middle school band goes from here, and while their sound somehow doesn't feel as mature as it did towards the end of their first run, this is still serviceable. I feel like Blink was one of those bands that everyone liked, shamefully or not. They were at the forefront of the pop-punk revolution, baby! That was really when pop-punk was more punk than pop, which is why they always worked. I just liked butt jokes.

I'm In Love for the First Time: "Don't Let Me Down" by the Chainsmokers ft. Daya

I can't believe I search "Don't Let Me Down" on YouTube and the Beatles are the fifth video. Fifth! What the hell? That's a sin greater than "#SELFIE". I was debating a lot between a handful of songs that all sound alike or even going in a completely different direction and throwing in a track I actually like, but I think these guys actually deserve it this week, and when we're coming down to Summer Jam Final Tally Counts, that's big shit, brother!

Better than Expensive Boredom: "Cheap Thrills" by Sia

I do really love this song, this video, and Sia in general. She's spectacular. This song was all over the place this week, and affter listening to Rihanna's Anti a total of four times in the car driving around this weekend I'm actually more and more convinced it didn't really have a place on that album. This is crazy because it's wrecking Rihanna's more sentimental but less pop-friendly jams like "Kiss it Better," "Love on the Brain," and "Needed Me", even if the latter is finally getting some traction. But still, this is a great track and I wish it all the luck.

Saw It Coming: "Can't Stop the Feeling" by JT

So, for better or worse the fact that JT dominated this week and I actually pushed Drake out could very well seal the deal in what's been a tight race so far this summer. I didn't even want to include this guy again because I'm not a huge fan of the song, which feels like he's sleepwalking through, but let's face it, this was everywhere this week. It's maddening. It's got a totally legit shot at Summer Jam Kingship, but I'm still holding out for something better!

Next week...

I left off a ton. Katy's stupid Olympic song, Adele, Drake, Ariana, Calvin Harris, and twenty one pilots to name a few. I also thought that "Panda" should have made a slight comeback this week, but I ultimately decided against it. All these artists are totally deserving, but whatever. Fuck 'em. I actually heard quite a bit of "Lost Boy" by Ruth B again, but she got boxed out. Damn. I should re-do this list. Or just see who lasts until next week! Stay tuned, kids!

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