22 June 2021

Summer Jam 2021: RIDIN HOT!

Here we are folks - Summer has officially started, based on the petty three-month calendar year based on the solstice and science. We scoff at that! The only science we pray to is the science of hot hot bods! We are going to pull it back a little this week and probably forever on. I make no hiding of the fact that week after week this feels more and more like screaming Hot Jams into the void, and although my brain is always whirling, it's hard to find something worthwhile to say about "Peaches" each week. Ya'll like lists anyway, right? We might ramble here and there, but here is this week's splatter:

"Lightning Fast" by ohsobrkn

I heard this on the radio - the video was REALLY hard to find. I think I know why - this dude's name is impossible to spell or remember. I kept searching for lightning fast osorbkn and got 0 results. So, change your name, because this song is dope and feels like a 90s ska throwback with a contemporary backing beat and hip hop flow. I dig it a lot. If this ever takes off I want all credit, considering the official video has a whopping 416 views right now.

Okay, let's run through everyone else:

There we go! There are a lot of women-driven hip-hop songs starting to track, and I really dig "Best Friend" and "Thot Shit" and all those picking up steam. The core songs of this summer seem pretty set. "Good 4 u" is a spotify champion with little sign of slowing - I hear it less on radio and in daily life, but it's definitely a thing. Also, it's actually totally just an Avril Lavigne song. Stay tuned for next week, folks!

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