30 June 2021

2021 Mid-point Movie Watching Review!

Well folks, we are at the half-way mark of the year once again. And once again this is a rude awakening for the movies I need to be watching! I actually really thought I was getting a big variety in years since I've watched a good handful of 80s and 70s movies, but again it's just so lacking. There's so much reason for this, mostly coming down to both availability and interest, but I do try to diversify.


What's more striking is the way I'm watching movies. Not since 2018 when my streaming percentage sky-rocketed have we seen a shift like this. And yes, I'm still streaming, but shit, I'm a total HBOMax convert by now. Last year I was 35% Netflix Streaming, by far our biggest chunk, but I'm down to 13%! HBOMax is clocking in at 39% of all movies I've watched so far this year.

Here is a breakdown of the biggest chunks:

Other Streaming Total910%
TV Total55%
Hulu / HBOMax4649%
Netflix Streaming1213%

Theater is obviously down with COVID, with my first trip being just this past weekend. TV is actually up since I invested in Sling, mostly for sports games. I have a Hulu / HBOMax bundle so I threw that together, but as I already mentioned, HBOMax is a huge chunk of that.

I've seen 93 movies total, which is on pace to juuust eclipse the 181 I managed last year, but won't take me to the heights of 2018. That was exhausting. My first-time viewing percentage is just under 60%, which isn't great, but at this point confirms to what is becoming a long-term average.

Lastly, my picks for best movies seen for the first time in the Year 2021:

The Kid Detective2020
Extra Ordinary2020
Gremlins 2: The New Batch1990
A Star is Born2018
After Hours1985
Another Round2020
Promising Young Woman2020

Yes, many of these are 2020 films. Yes, I am going to heavily update my Best of 2020 list come December, I really got screwed up with my ability to see a lot of these in any kind of timely fashion and that will be corrected. Oof, looking at this list I'm dropping the bottom five, I tell you this right now.

So, my goal is more 80s and 70s movies, I gotta slam at least one or two real old ones as usual, there are STILL 2020 flicks to catch up on, and when looking at cutting streaming services the odd one out might be...Netflix?!

I could dig into this more - I think it's the simple fact that when Netflix started it didn't have much competition so it pretty much had everything I wanted. Now that streaming deals are more diversified and contracts are ending and shifting to services of native studios, there's nothing left but Netflix original movies, and I hate to say it, but they have become TERRIBLE. I never thought I'd say this but I believe Netflix is in a precarious position. They've squandered their brand name on Adam Sandler movies and The Cloverfield Paradox (2018), and when that's gone and there's no other great movie left, why am I paying for this service?

Personally I also think that I've just had a handful of movies burning holes in my queue for ten years now. I don't know if I'm ever going to watch Defiance (2008). The new streaming service gave me such hope. No, I may never watch Conspiracy (2001), but dammit, it feels fresh to add that to a new queue. It symbolizes so much hope. Ironically both of these movies are not hopefull.

I didn't add everything I tabulated this time around, but I know you are dying to sink your gums into more. Here is a link to all our raw wriggling data for you!

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