15 June 2021

Summer Jam 2021 Week 4: One Month Down, 18 to Go!

That's right! This will be the summer that never ends. Or was that last summer? We are knee deep in June by now and everything is fun and right with the world. It does feel weird, doesn't it? Like we're not quite in summer yet. It's still a fun time, but I hardly feel like any song has really staked a good claim to this season.

"Avalanche" by Migos

I was just complaining that you never hear from Migos anymore. Maybe because this is like...okay. It sounds like...a Migos song. That's good. The beat isn't super engaging and the video is broken up a lot so it's hard to get in the zone with it. Whatever, you will never listen to this track again.

But I love this song! Not quite getting too much radio play yet. For some reason. We need to get over that shit. Ms. Thee Stallion has such an edge to her while never giving up the integrity of her flow. Its a solid joint. I could get down in the club to this. Hot summer clubs. Hot summer nights.

Last summer was the Summer of the Weeknd, and this feels like an extension of that. It's not a hugely popular song, but I heard it a bit this week. It's been around for a while but I wanted to get its acknowledgement in that it's a substantial Summer Jam. Okay, now we can move on.

This is still a thing. He's got a good lead by now. I think it's actually fading, though. It didn't seem nearly as big a part of my life this week as others. We'll see where the Biebs ends up and if he can repeat. Then again, it just doesn't feel like anyone is staying long this summer.

Is this the summer of Olivia? It sure is so far. I didn't hear this too much, but it's still #1 on Spotify and that's something notable for sure. It does kind of feel like a late 90s pop punk ballad, don't it? I wonder if that's part of the appeal. This generation loves that old weird 90s crap. I lived through that stuff. I mean, I really dug it in when I was 12. It all comes full circle, man.

Okay, this definitely invaded my world this week. It's not very good, it also just sounds like any BTS song, which sounds like all boybands distilled in a blender and spat back out at us. I guess that's an impressive feat for seven Koreans. And there's seven! By Durin's beard. I mean, I kind of like it.

This is maybe a curveball, but I heard this a few times and just got into it this week. It's so minimalist. It's not totally popular, but it snuck in my brain and stayed. That's how you get the deuce points and the #1 spot on this list, folks. Who knows what will happen this summer - I don't see this as an ubiquitous summer jam, but it's getting it this week.

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