19 July 2021

Summer Jam 2021 Weeks 8 & 9: Welcome to the Sum Jam!

 Yep, this is for the past two weeks. Screw everyone!

"Whole Lotta Money" by BIA ft Nicki Minaj

We are so thoroughly in the female rap revolution by now. It's nice to see Nicki still throwing down why she was the OG (at least of this generation). She was doing all this shit and blowing up bigger than anyone ten years ago now. But I really like BIA's flow and this is a seductive beat. I'm good with these women finally getting their own voices to do their thing here.

"Twerkulator" by City Girls

This song is the shit. City Girls just seem to continue to find ways to make songs about twerking. It also makes me think of Ali G: Indahouse (2002) which I'm sure was not on purpose. I dig this a lot, even if it's totally just that kind of song that blatantly samples its source material and is popular only because it mostly makes me want to listen to the original.

This is so clearly the summer of Olivia - she DOMINATED everything this week, although she did trip up on the Billboard and Spotify charts this week. I am still convinced that no one actually listens to BTS' "Butter" though, and Bieber's new song hasn't really caught fire yet. Stay tuned, true believers!

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