28 July 2021

Summer Jam 2021 Week 10 has Fun in the Sum

We're rounding out the end of July, people and really only have a few short weeks to go. Is this year's season only 16 weeks? Or have I just really gotten off track? Undeniably a bit of both. It's peak Summer Vacation time, time to get in all the fun things before August creeps up its dirty slimy head and all this glory fades forever. As Mayor Larry Vaughn would say, "AUGUST?!"

"Wild Side" by Normani ft. Cardi B

There would never be a world where I don't like this video, but honestly the song is kind of shit. It's not really all that wild for its wild side. It plays out like a 90s R&B slow jam, which is all fine, I guess, but the video doesn't line up with the tempo, which doesn't line up with the lyrics, which don't line up with the beat. Sexy, though.

"INDUSTRY BABY" by Lil Nas X ft. Jack Harlow

I'll give Lil Nas X all the credit in the world for 1) Trying sooo hard not to be a one-hit wonder, 2) Making one of the gayest videos of all time, and 3) repeatedly repudiating an industry after making it big on his own merits. This is just pink soaked dick-grabbing fun.

This track hasn't dominated, but by this point has become a steady feature here. I'm curious to see how well it stays and what its final rankings are.

I thew this on and left "good 4 u" off this week - I don't think the latter is done, but definitely had a little break.

Honestly a big week, this feels like Olivia's summer, but "Peaches" is a roaring contender.

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